These similarities made Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed fall in love with each other

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Princess Diana (Instagram)

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1NEWS – When the world cries for leaving Princess Diana, Mohamed Al Fayed mourns the death of his beloved son, Dodi Al Fayed, who also died in an accident on August 31, 1997 in Paris. While great respects are paid to Diana from around the world, the man who died by her side — and is said to be the one who brought happiness to the Princess — is not widely known to the public. To many, Dodi is simply a wealthy international playboy, who has financed the production of several Hollywood films, and whom his lover, Kelly Fisher, is suing for treason.

It’s ironic that the man who was close to Princess Diana many questioned and doubted by this audience, actually has more in common with Diana than Diana’s previous close friends. Despite the friendship between Mohamed Al Fayed and Diana’s father, the late Earl Spencer, Dodi experienced more or less the same tragedy as Diana’s. Like Diana, Dodi lives a privileged life and doesn’t have to worry about money. But — also like Diana — little Dodi had to accept the harsh reality of his parents’ divorce. Dodi’s mother and father separated just months after his birth in Alexandria in 1956, two years after their marriage. Even though Al Fayed won custody of Dodi, Dodi remained close to his mother until Samira died 11 years ago. It was so sad to be left by his mother, Dodi said, he would be happy to give up everything he had if it could bring his mother back.

Princess Diana (Instagram)

After the divorce, Samira remarried. But her husband, who was also her cousin, died in a car accident in the mid-’70s, at the age of 45. After that Samira never found happiness again, even after she married the third time. His third marriage ended in divorce 2 years before his death.

Perhaps Dodi’s deep understanding of his mother’s unhappiness is what makes him tend to empathize with many women. That’s also what might easily make him close with Diana. Many people think, Dodi is a good man and likes to be honest. These qualities naturally appealed to Diana. “He (Dodi – ed.) is not arrogant at all,” said Max Clifford, a friend of the Al Fayed family and Dodi’s unofficial adviser. ”He never pretended or covered up his life and lifestyle. He is truly a man who shows ‘here I am’. I think it’s a refreshing change for Diana. So many men have walked into her life and pretended to be something they weren’t. Dodi and Diana’s romance went very naturally. No skit. Love finally blossomed after first based on a solid friendship.”

Princess Diana (Instagram)

Princess Diana (Instagram)

The friendship between Diana and Dodi’s family stems from regular visits by Earl Spencer and his second wife, Raine, to the Harrods Department Store. And, when Al Fayed released a book on the history of Harrods in 1990, Earl Spencer was asked to give a speech. In return, Al Fayed visited the couple in Althorp. Raine, now a director at Harrods, once said, “Mohamed made Diana laugh and his shoulder was also Diana’s place to cry during difficult times.” Raine also appreciated Dodi as a sweet and humble man with a gentle manner, whom she had known throughout his life. years since working at Harrods.

Diana was first friends with Mohamed Al Fayed than with Dodi. He also has a lot in common with Diana. They were equally made to suffer by the British rulers. Diana was treated badly by the royals. While Al Fayed, who annually pays taxes of no less than £3 million and donates to charities, is still not allowed to hold a British passport. “I still have to fight in the House of Lords this October to get British citizenship,” he said recently.

Dodi, who is not a British citizen, and spends two-thirds of the year in Los Angeles, where his film company, Allied Stars, is located, is more relaxed than his father. While his father was nicknamed “the express train” by Max Clifford, Dodi had a more philosophical view of life. Dodi never acts as a boss’s son when he appears in Harrods. He is friendly and welcoming to everyone. Dodi is also very philosophical in dealing with media attacks because of his relationship with Princess Diana. Dodi shares his interest in humanitarian issues with Diana.


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