This Girl Was Hesitating To Get Married For Fear Of Getting In-Laws Who Don’t Love, The Ending Has a Happy End | Most Exciting

  • Share – Basically, marriage is not only binding two human beings, husband and wife. But includes both sides of the family.

And this is the most beautiful thing that comes from marriage, it makes family members grow and also lengthens the relationship.

But in fact, this also creates its own fear for the bride and groom. Especially the wives.

Fear of getting bad treatment from the husband’s family after becoming his legal partner later. Whether it’s from his siblings or spouse’s parents or in-laws.

This fear was also felt by the owner of the TikTok account @bundaule.

Before the happy day with the man of her choice, suddenly doubts and feelings of fear arise about the treatment of her in-laws later.

“I had doubts about getting married because I was afraid that my parents-in-law and family wouldn’t love me,” she vented with reddened eyes.

But in the end, the woman married her partner. And he was very surprised by the ending of his doubts and fears.

Far from her prejudice, the attitude and treatment of her in-laws and her husband’s extended family are actually very sweet. They all received the woman well, even as if she was considered her own daughter by the mother-in-law.


“And I found I was very well received,” he wrote happily.


“God removed my doubts,” he concluded, reported by

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