This is our attitude if there is a Habib who doesn’t act like the Prophet and his ancestors

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ACCURATE.CO As the people of Prophet Muhammad SAW, we are required to always glorify the Ahlul Bait. Because the Prophet also ordered us all to respect and appreciate his families.

Therefore, in the context of Indonesia, we must respect and honor the Haba’ib. They are people who have a lineage with the Prophet Muhammad.

Allamah Sayyid Abdullah bin Alawi Al-Haddad (1634-1720 AD) in his book entitled Al-Fushul al-‘Ilmiyyah wal Usul al-Hikamiyyah, p. 89, states as follows:

لأهل ل الله لى الله ليه لم لرسول الله لى اللهعليه لم اية لى الوصيّة الحث لى ومودتهم. الك الله الى ابه له الى: “قل لا لكم ليه ا لا المودة القربى” .(الشورى، )

Meaning: “The Ahlul Bait has its own glory, and the Messenger of Allah has shown great concern for them. He repeatedly made a will and appealed to his people to love and cherish them. With that also Allah subhanahu wataala has commanded in the Qur’an with His words: “Say, O Muhammad, I do not ask for anything in return except your love for my relatives.” (Surah 42:23).

Although we should honor and respect him, we should not overdo it in his love. This is as emphasized in the quote which was also conveyed by Allamah Sayyid Abdullah bin Alawi Al-Haddad below:

لى افة المسلمين ا ان لوّ لا اف.

Meaning: “All Muslims should ensure their love and affection for Ahlul Bait, and respect and honor them fairly and not excessively.”

Then what if there are people who are descendants of the Prophet, Haba’ib, but their behavior is not like their ancestors? Do we not need to glorify and honor it?

The answer is not so. We are required to continue to respect and honor it. However, for those of you who have the ability to rebuke him, you must admonish him, this is as stated by Allamah Sayyid Abdullah bin Alawi Al-Haddad, as follows;

ا كان ل ا البيت ليس لى ل ائق لافهم الطاهرين، ل ليهم التخليط لغلبة الجهل، ا ا لا ا المتأهل للنصيحة لى الأخذ ا ان ليه لفهم الصالح, من العلم العمل الصالح، الأخلاق الحسنة السيرالمرضية.

Meaning: “As for those who come from the family and descendants of the Prophet who did not follow the path of their purified ancestors, then mixed up the good and the bad because of their ignorance, they should still be respected solely because of their kinship with the Prophet . However, anyone who has the expertise or position to give advice, should not hesitate to advise and encourage them to return to the way of life of their predecessors who were pious, who were knowledgeable and did good deeds, had commendable character and had noble behavior.” (See p. 90).

Wallahu A’lam.[]


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