This Talkshow Is Not Here, Here Are 10 Portraits Of Ghea Youbi’s Latest Activities Now – Boombastis

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Ghea Youbi, a dangdut singer born in 2000, became famous after releasing single entitled “There’s No Beib Time” to become trending on Youtube. He also briefly played a role in replacing Neng Maya’s position on Ini Talkshow and Ini Sahur TransTv, as Teh Ghea.

Her beautiful stature with a characteristic split chin has made Ghea Youbi loved by many viewers. Although he did not join the event for a long time, the name Ghea Youbi still exists and is adored by his fans. What are the current activities like?

Ghea looks cute in her batik clothes on TransTv’s “Ini Talkshow”.

Ghea Youbi in “This is a Talkshow” [sumber gambar]

Besides being busy with the world of singing, he is also often an e . modelendorsement various products.

Ghea Youbi Portrait [sumber gambar]

Recently, Ghea is preparing for a new show entitled “Don’t Break Up First” with Uya Kuya.

Reality show on Trans7 entitled “Don’t Break Up First” [sumber gambar]

Even though it’s already well known, DJing is still going on.

Ghea Youbi while playing a DJ disc [sumber gambar]

Besides DJing, Ghea is also good at playing the drums, guys.

Ghea playing drums [sumber gambar]

Ghea also likes to play TikTok, one of which is a duet with Mas Arya Saloka.

Ghea while playing TikTok [sumber gambar]

Actually, it’s a hobby to go to the gym, but because of the pandemic, I just exercise at home.

Not only gym, Ghea seems to be good at boxing too.

Ghea practicing boxing [sumber gambar]

Ghea also has activities riding horse lol with her sister.

Ghea and her sister riding horse [sumber gambar]

He also owns a business fashion called Youbi Collection.

Ghea becomes a model for her fashion products [sumber gambar]

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Even though she has left Ini Talkshow, it turns out that Ghea still has many activities, ranging from sports activities, being a model or endorsement, to getting into the fashion field. It’s not wrong if he became an idol of the fans.

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