This woman asks for a minimum salary of 20 million for a prospective husband, Netizen: Yes, this time the salary is like that for Elu

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The issue of the prospective husband’s salary has become a topic of discussion for netizens. This time the conscience Tiktok account asked a number of women about the salary standard they want for their future husbands.

“What is the minimum salary for your future husband to marry you?” asked the Tiktok account, quoted Monday (30/8/2021). A number of women also gave different answers.

“For now, I think the range of 6-10 million maybe for two and will build a household is enough,” said the first woman.

Meanwhile, the second woman sets the standard for her husband’s salary above IDR 10 million and must be able to buy a car and motorbike. Likewise, the third woman asked for a salary of her future husband of around Rp. 10 million. Then, the fourth woman asked for a salary of Rp. 8 million per month from her future husband.

“At least it’s enough, really,” said the next woman in a yellow dress.

“Yes, at least Rp. 20 million,” he continued.

This video also received various comments from netizens, especially male netizens who were surprised by such a large salary standard.

“Yellow shirt, you. I’ve been positive thinking. “It’s enough 20 million,” commented netizens.

“Luckily my salary is 4 million, so I don’t know them,” said netizens.

“My wife, who is beautiful like an angel, I’ll give you 3 million per month and want to give up. Well, you spec king kong ask for 20 million,” quipped another.

“Yes, the salary per month is that you choose,” said another.


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