Turkey VS Montenegro Prediction, Qualifying Round Towards the 2022 World Cup

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1NEWS – Match to four rounds 2022 World Cup qualifiers take place in the middle of the week. The match that many countries have been waiting for finally brings together Turkey with Montenegro in an interesting match on Thursday (2/9) early this morning, at 01.45 WIB to be exact. Competing at Vodafone Park, it looks like this match will be put to good use by both countries.

The Turkish national team is currently in first place in Group G with seven points. Being superior to the number of points and statistical data makes them likely to qualify for the next phase. Turkey packed a total of two wins from the previous match which had been running for three matches.

Meanwhile, Montenegro are also quite strong in the ranks of Group G. This qualifying round put them in third place in the group with six points. Montenegro have already managed with their two wins in their previous matches. But these six points do not make them superior to the Dutch who are better in the number of goals in second place.

Statistics Between Turkey VS Montenegro

Watching the progress of Turkey national team, there is still much to improve. Many say that Turkey is being shaded by luck because actually there is a weakness in their appearance. However, of course, his hard work in the previous three matches cannot be denied. Turkey has recorded good results.

Over the last five matches, Turkey has one win when they meet Moldova. The match in the European Cup competition ended with a score of 2-0 for the Turkish national team to win. While in the other four matches, Turkey had lost to Italy, Wales, Switzerland and played a scoreless draw against Guinea.

From the stock version notes online soccer betting As described above, the Montenegro national team has a very big chance for them to get three points in this match. At least, Montenegro has won two matches. The first time met with Latvia and also Gibraltar in this qualifying event. The other three matches also produced draws against Bosnia and Herzegovina, while the last one against Israel they lost heavily in a friendly.

Released Player Condition

The Turkish national team players are much more optimistic. Currently they have undergone a mature group G phase in the World Cup qualifying event. From the previous formation, it seems that the coach will return to lowering a similar scheme in this match. The Turkish national team will field a 4-1-4-1 formation in this match.

With this scheme, several names were dropped, including Yilmaz, Hakan alhanoğlu, Kahveci, Tufan, and C. Under in the front line positions. The middle sector is trying to be secured by K. Ayhan in this match. The coach entrusted the position of the defense line to the game of Soyuncu et al which proved quite reliable in the previous match.

Composition of players from Montenegro national team seems to be using a 4-4-2 formation in this match. The visitors prioritized the midfield as the expected feeder. In this away party, Montenegro fielded the names of Jovetic and Milosevic on their front lines. There was the performance of Kosovic, Jankovic, Jovovic, and Haksabanovic in the middle position.

The Montenegro national team will also be enlivened by the performance of Marusic, Vujacic, Savicevic and Tomasevic in their defense. However, it looks like this match will not be easily secured by four players who are predicted to have difficulty holding back the host’s attack. The Turkish national team still has a chance to win even though the score is thin.

Turkey VS Montenegro Prediction Score: 1 – 0

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