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In March 2021, the public was enlivened by the disclosure of an online lottery gambling business called Indotogel. The business with the name Indotogel complete with dot com behind it has been established since 2013.

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After all this time, the online lottery business was finally uncovered by the police, where their headquarters turned out to be Jambi. The Jambi Regional Police then arrested 13 of their employees, where they served as admins who recapitulated data to those who took online lottery deposits.

So what is Indotogel’s action like?

According to information compiled by Sub-Directorate V of the Jambi Police Ditreskrimsus, Indotogel can reap a turnover of IDR 4.5 billion per month. While the daily turnover is around Rp. 150 million a day.

Ironically, the 13 employees are only paid around Rp. 1.5 million per month, not comparable to a turnover of Rp. 150 million in one day.

The big boss of the online gambling business has also been arrested. He is Manan Pardede. He was arrested while in Jakarta with his two bodyguards while driving a white MPV in Bekasi.

He was immediately dispatched to Jambi by plane. Previously, the online lottery boss had indeed been hunted by the police after the discovery of the basecamp or gambling place and 13 people were arrested.

According to the police, employees will earn more if they achieve high sales. From the statements of the suspects, the online lottery gambling business, with the indotogel.com site, has been established since 2013.

The office of the online lottery gambling site is located in a shophouse, which is located in the Talang Banjar area, East Jambi, Jambi City. The shophouse is occupied by a husband and wife, while other employees only come from the morning and then return to their respective homes in the afternoon.

How online lottery works

The current online lottery work model is quite modern. In literacy compiled by the editors, they also involve digital workers for website development services, article creation services, backlinks, to SEO services for one page rank of Google.

As for the way it works, as usual, they usually market online lottery sites through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter fanpages, and some even make promotions and backlinks. One of them is Indotogel.

Most of what is selling in Indonesia itself, so far is soccer gambling. They also don’t hesitate to use sexy female influencers to promote their site through Instagram.

In addition, they also often master keywords on Youtube, ranging from lottery predictions, gambling predictions, and others. So far, there are also many Youtube accounts that openly promote gambling sites by endorsing influencers.

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