Viral Hijaber Joget Makes Bride Embarrassed

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The video of the hijaber dancing excitedly made the bride embarrassed, viral on social media. While the groom and invited guests were busy watching it.

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The viral video of the veiled woman dancing was uploaded directly to her personal TikTok account @riweuhmom, Friday (27/8). Until now, Tuesday (31/8), the video has been watched 10 million times.

In the show, the account owner uploaded his ‘wild’ dance at his friend’s wedding.

He appeared on the aisle of several invited guests for a photo with the bride and groom. However, suddenly a veiled woman with a long robe appeared in front of the wedding aisle.

In front of them, the hijaber woman is doing her excited dance. At first it was just like a normal TikTok dance.

However, the longer the dance, the more excited. He was facing sideways pushing his hips back so far that his body was like the shape of a snaking snake.

Suddenly this wild dance action made the male guests who were on the aisle hold their laughter, including the groom.

While the bride was embarrassed that she turned her gaze in another direction while her body position also turned her back to the hijaber woman who was dancing excitedly.

Not only the bride is embarrassed, it turns out that there are netizens who experience the same. “He’s the one who dances, I’m the shy one. Oh my, sis,” commented @fardila Elbach quoted by VIVA, Tuesday (31/8).

Even so, there are also those who support him. “Long live for the lowly people around us, because he can be entertainment for his friends,” wrote @bujang keoss.

While the confession of the owner of this account, he did not feel uncomfortable because the bride was his close friend.


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