Viral, Legal Wife Stops Husband with Cheating on Toll Road | 1NEWS

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From the video, the wife looks very angry with her husband’s actions. Meanwhile, the husband and his mistress did not respond much when the wife was angry.

Even some of the policemen who were on duty seemed to help mediate them and occasionally calm the wife who was still full of emotions.

Anggoro ki duwe bojo, do you understand po ora? (Anggoro has a wife, do you understand or not?,” said the wife to the woman who was suspected of having an affair with full of anger.

After venting her emotions to her husband’s mistress, the wife took turns scolding her husband. The feeling of disappointment mixed with sadness and anger was so clearly shown by his wife.

I’m impatient piye karo kowe? I’m impatient piye karo kowe? (I’m impatient with you? I’m impatient, what about you?),‘ asked the wife in a high tone in front of her husband.

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