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Yosef Hidayah

The lawyer felt sorry for Yosef Hidayah’s condition after his wife and child were killed in his own house. Yosef’s lawyer, Rohman Hidayat, said that Yosef’s condition was worried, depressed and had a lot of thoughts during the investigation into the murder of his wife and child.

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It’s no wonder Yosef is worried, explained Rohman, because anyone who experiences such a condition will certainly be very sad and need time to forgive loved ones.

Yosef is worried about being depressed

In a state of grief, Yosef is getting worse with slander and wild speculation on social media, which accuses Yosef of being the actor in the murder. Rohman said that physically Yosef was healthy and fit, but he was psychologically shaken.

Yosef Hidayah (right)

“Dealing with problems like this is not easy. I think there are concerns. There are also many thoughts about this condition, especially Pak Yosef is still grieving, and has been examined repeatedly. Of course this is not an easy thing,” said Rohman yesterday.

Until yesterday, Rohman said his client had undergone 4 examinations. First on the day of the incident, Wednesday 18 August 2021, second on Friday night 20 August, Monday 30 August and finally on Tuesday 31 August.

That’s why the pressure of the condition made Yosef appoint him as legal adviser in dealing with this case. Yosef’s intention was not to protect against guilt, but to be comfortable in dealing with questions from investigators and journalists.

“He’s not in a good condition right now, leaving his wife and children will be difficult to convey information. That’s why I was appointed to give legal advice, as well as represent him in dealing with the media,” he said.

Police immediately announce the killer of Tuti Amel

Yosef Hidayah.  Youtube photo of Heri Susanto
Yosef Hidayah. Youtube photo of Heri Susanto

With Yosef suffering from continuous slander and wild speculation on social media, Rohman asked the police to immediately release the killers of Tuti and Amel. Because if it continues without clarity, the client will continue to be accused and become a victim of slander by the mass media.

“We hope that the police will immediately convey this to the public, so that they do not suspect each other and become everyone’s opinion. Even in social mass media accusing each other. We hope for clarification (on Monday) that the police can immediately convey (the killer) that the police will immediately announce the suspect in this murder case. So that it doesn’t become slander and we also want to know the truth,” he explained on Youtube, Heri Susanto.

He ensures that his client and his young wife will cooperate in the investigation of this murder case. Whenever information is needed, the client will fulfill it.

“Let’s let the police work, whoever the police decide later, we pray that the real perpetrators will be caught soon,” he said.

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