11 Funny Portraits of Gentlemen’s Logic Facing the Rain. Not all guys are like this :(

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The world of men is always famous for silly and unreasonable things. I don `t know leaky, teenagers, adults, or even parents, even if it’s a boy, it won’t be far from being ridiculous. If you’re right with your partner, you might not see it, but it’s your turn to be one with your male friends and it’s guaranteed to be completely different. That’s why sometimes fathers also have their own funny sides.

Uniquely, the contents of the heads of men, especially gentlemen, are often difficult to digest by common sense. Instead of being understood by the people around him, what is there actually makes us wonder at his behavior. A series of portraits of gentlemen in the rain below will prove how their absurd logic works.

1. What is the behavior of the local gentlemen? It’s really funny to take a garden chair umbrella for this shade

Really fun / Credit: 1cak

2. If this one is getting more and more barbaric, the action is already taking a garden umbrella as big as a gaban, using a motorbike again. What if it gets hit by the wind?

Getting desperate / Credit: Facebook

3. Even though heavy rains and storms sweep, the important thing is that you and your friends stay calm. But, that’s not the concept either, sir

Keep calm / Credit: Instagram wkwkland_real

4. His name is also caught in the rain, where there is a place to take shelter, that’s where the main goal is. It doesn’t matter whose car it is~

Take shelter / Credit: 1cak

5. Use an umbrella so you don’t get hit by the rain, it’s okay, but the problem is that the bottom is already flooded. Is it free, sir? ️

Free / credit: Facebook Meme Intake Everyday

6. This is an example of people who don’t want to waste the rain. Quite economical, you can shampoo while on the road

Shampoo on the road / Credit: Instagram is hilarious

7. It’s not the logic of boys and gentlemen if it’s not like this. I know it’s raining even more styles. Get in the wind, you know the taste

Otw catch a cold / Credit: 1cak

8. There is no umbrella, taro leaves are not a problem. As long as you can hold back your shame, it’s okay, the important thing is that you don’t ask for scrapings at home

Practical thinking / Credit: 9gag

9. Riding a motorcycle with an umbrella when it rains is already very dangerous, especially if you use something like this. If you suddenly get hit by the wind, other people get sick too, sir!

There is no reason / Credit: Boredpanda

10. People who have too many thoughts will definitely act like shit. It feels like riding a motorbike is useless if it’s like this

Makes me confused / Credit: 1cak

11. It’s a good habit to water plants, but if it’s raining, it’s better not to do it :’)

Gentlemen’s activities / Credit: Boredpanda

Every man will always have his own childish side. Whether it’s already being a father figure, but the name of a man always has a head that is difficult to understand.

So, if your partner’s reasoning is sometimes beyond reasonable limits, try to understand a little bit, OK! ️

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