Abundant fortune, the story of a 40-year-old mother has given birth to 69 children, there are 4 twins as many as 16 times

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Pregnancy is a very happy thing for married couples. In addition, pregnancy is also a joyous thing because after struggling to give birth to the baby you are waiting for. (cover photo: illustration of pregnant mother and baby)

In addition, pregnancy also holds many surprising stories from around the world, you know, Mother. In fact, there is a record for the most pregnancies to be experienced by the youngest mother.

Are you curious about what unusual pregnancies managed to break the world record to be recorded in The Guinness Book of Records? Let’s look at some of the stories that HaiBunda has summarized from these various sources as follows:

1. Mothers with the most babies
Valentina Vassilyeva became a mother with the record for the most twins, Mother. Citing Brightside, The Guinness Book of Records notes that Valentina, who lived in the 18th century, experienced hyperovulation, and had 27 births, including 16 giving birth to twins, seven giving birth to triplets, and then giving birth to quadruplets four times.

With a large number of twins, the first wife of a farmer named Feodor Vassilyev from Shuya, Russia is known to have had 69 children, although two of them died in infancy.

According to BBC calculations, Valentina could have been 37 weeks pregnant with twins, then 32 weeks with triplets, then 30 weeks pregnant with quadruplets.

If added together, then the total pregnancy that Valentina experienced reached 936 weeks. If the 936 weeks are divided by 52 by the number of weeks in a year, we can conclude that she spent 18 years of her life carrying the twins.

2. The smallest mother

Mother from Kentucky, United States named Stacey Herald set a record as the smallest mother in the world. Citing the Guinness World Record page, this mother only has a height of 72.39 centimeters (cm), Mother.

Even though she was less than 1 meter tall, she managed to give birth to three children. His first child is a girl born in 2006, and his second child is also a daughter born two years later. While their third child was born in 2009, and is a boy.

Stacey has a bone disorder called osteogenesis imperfecta. This condition makes his bones very fragile, and breaks easily, making him more likely to live in a wheelchair.

Due to his condition, he was not advised to have children. But he ignored the doctor’s advice, because it could threaten his life and pass the disorder to his offspring. She also ignored the doctor’s advice, giving birth to three children.

Her eldest and youngest children have the same deformity as her, while her middle child is growing normally. Unfortunately at the end of August 2018, Stacey died at the age of 44 years.

3. Longest pregnant

A mother from Morocco, named Zahra Aboutalib, was pregnant for almost half a century or 46 years to be exact, Mother. In fact, his story was made into a British documentary, entitled Extraordinary People.

Reported by AsiaOne, Zahra’s story was revealed in 2001, when she experienced acute stomach pain at the age of 75. When she arrived at the hospital, when the doctor saw her large stomach, Zahra was thought to have an ovarian tumor. However, the results of an ultrasound scan and further examination, showed the baby was ‘petrified’.

It turned out that in 1955, when Zahra was pregnant with her first child at the age of 26, after going through a painful delivery, the baby never came. The doctor had advised him to do a cesarean section, but out of fear, he ran away.

As the pain in her stomach disappeared, Zahra no longer checked her condition. Until 46 years later the fetus in her womb reacts to her body. The fetus was successfully removed through surgery. At that time, only 300 cases of stone babies of this kind, also known as lithopedions, had been reported in medical history.

4. Oldest mother

This old lady’s name is Errawati Mangayamma, Mother. The nickname was obtained after she gave birth to twins, female at the age of 74, by caesarean section in 2019.

The woman from Guntur, the state of Andhara Pradesh, India, married her husband in 1962. However, both of them had to wait 57 years to get their first offspring through the IVF program, aka in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Mangayama had to go through this because he had actually experienced menopause 25 years ago. So that the egg used in the IVF process comes from a donor, and is fertilized by her husband’s sperm.

Director of Ahalya Hospital, Dr Sanakayyala Umashankar said that the operation went well. The condition of the mother and baby at that time was healthy and had no complications at all.

A few hours after giving birth, Mangayamma’s husband, 78-year-old Sitarama Rajarao said he was very happy. However The Times reported that Sitarama fainted the day after, as a result he had to be rushed to the intensive care unit of the same hospital where his wife gave birth and was treated.

5. Youngest mother

Lina Medina was recorded as the youngest mother because she gave birth at the age of 5 years, Mother. In the process of delivery by caesarean section, Lina gave birth to a healthy baby boy with a birth weight of about 2.7 kilograms (kg).

Citing the Huffington Post, Lina, who was born into a poor family in 1933 in a small village in the Andes, Peru, had stomach pains. He complained about the pain to his mother.

When examined, the doctor initially believed that Lina had a large tumor, but after undergoing tests, it turned out that she was seven months pregnant. Doctors discovered that Lina was suffering from a condition called premature puberty. With this condition, Lina has mature sexual organs when she was so young.

Lina’s case is often considered a hoax. However, the doctors who handled the case said they had x-rays and a biopsy, which could prove that Lina’s story really happened.

Source: haibunda.com

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