Admits he wants to ‘die’ after being accused of cheating on Mirdad’s memory, Tyna Kanna finally opens his voice

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Not long ago, the household of Lydia Kandou’s child, Kenang Mirdad and his wife Tyna Kanna was hit by bad news.

The reason is, his wife, Tyna Kanna, is rumored to be playing obscenely behind Kenang Mirdad. The issue of Tyna Kanna’s affair was even stronger when his two brothers-in-law, Nana and Naysila Mirdad, reacted.

Not only responded by Naysila Mirdad and Nana Mirdad, the issue of Tyna Kanna’s affair has even reached the ears of the mother-in-law, Lydia Kandou. Now the fate of the household of Tyna Kanna and Kenang Mirdad is no doubt a question.

After nearly a week of silence, Tyna Kanna has finally emerged in the media spotlight.

Tyna Kanna was seen greeting her followers by sharing her portrait with a bouquet of flowers.

“Hey, how are you guys? Wishing you all in a good health,” said Tyna Kanna as quoted from the Instagram account tynakannamirdad.

Surprisingly, in the next upload, Tyna Kanna immediately poured out her heart after being dragged into oblique news.

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Tyna Kanna admitted that she was so nervous that she gave up because she didn’t know what to do. Fortunately the support from the fans was able to make him rise.

“Oh, your God. I love you, I miss you too. I’m excited to die writing this,” said Tyna Kanna again.

Tyna Kanna also seemed moved and very grateful for the support she received.

“Thank you. For you. Your good energy. I wish you happiness and health. Love,” said Mirdad’s wife.

Even though she doesn’t want to clarify the news circulating, Tyna Kanna still gets support from her friends


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