“Alms Don’t Have to Wait for Riches”, Mr. Angkot Driver Frees Full Day Fares – 1NEWS

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Alms or sharing with others is a practice that is loved by God. It is even called a special worship and is able to remove sins.

Sometimes, making other people happy doesn’t have to be in the form of money. Sharing in the form of services and kindness is already very meaningful, as did this one angkot driver.

For a whole day, he refused to accept payments from the passengers. In addition, there are announcements that he wrote and became the spotlight.

An angkot driver who does not want to be named is going viral on social media. He seems to be an example.

During the day, the driver refused to accept payment. He is promoting ‘Free Blessing Friday’ in his car.

“So every time I go to work I always take an angkot. Surprised when there was a ‘free blessing friday’ sticker, he wrote in the caption of the video body.

The video was first uploaded on the TikTok page by the @jennay05_ account and has gone viral on a number of other social media. At first the account owner did not believe it.

If during the day you do not receive income. So what about the deposit? Unexpectedly, it was true that the driver did not charge any fees at all.

“Then a new passenger got on. She is a middle-aged mother. Eh, really, when you arrive at your destination, you can’t pay ,” he continued.

The story of the account owner’s experience continues. When he arrived at his destination, he forced the driver to accept wages. But still rejected.

“Even when I arrived at the destination, I couldn’t pay even though I was forced to. Even though there were quite a lot of passengers at that time. So consistent to give charity, “ he wrote.

The crowded conditions of the angkot did not dampen the good intentions of the driver. He still gives free rides on Fridays.

“Subhanallah…let’s pray that the driver and his family will be given abundant fortune. Amen 🙏🥺,” he concluded.

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