Answering Deddy Corbuzier’s Diet Challenge, Ivan Gunawan Successfully Lost 18 Kg. Diet So Key!

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Ivan Gunawan is one of the fashion designer who has given birth to many extraordinary works and has become one of the most famous designers in Indonesia. Behind his worldwide work, it turns out that Ivan Gunawan or who is familiarly called Igun is also struggling to lose weight. In a YouTube video upload with Deddy Corbuzier some time ago, he was challenged to lose 20 kg of weight and Igun agreed.

Now, after more than a month, many netizens are praising the changes in Igun. What do you think Igun did to lose weight? Let’s see the full review!

Last mid-July, Deddy Corbuzier challenged Ivan Gunawan to lose weight in three months

In mid-July, Ivan Gunawan was a guest on Deddy Corbuzier’s podcast which was broadcast on YouTube. In the video, Deddy gives Rp500 million in cash to Igun which causes a shocked reaction from him. Igun questioned why the money was given to him. Apparently, Deddy gave Igun a challenge to lose his weight, which at that time weighed 181.5 kg. Deddy gave Igun a three-month deadline to lose 20 kg.

Igun also agreed and he was very confident that he could succeed in answering the challenge given by Deddy. Before carrying out the mission from Deddy, Igun had already done light exercise by walking around his apartment. He is really motivated to be able to lose weight according to Deddy’s mission.

Apparently, within one month Igun had managed to lose 18 kg of weight thanks to the diet program he was living

After his YouTube show with Deddy, Igun started his diet program. No kidding, Igun also consulted a nutritionist to control his diet. In his Instagram upload, Igun said, “It turns out that the key to a healthy life is changing your lifestyle. Our bodies are so good at sorting out which foods can be digested and which ones can’t. I don’t want to be complacent, but I hope obese friends like me want to be healthy together,” he said.

In addition to changing his diet, Igun also exercises regularly to help lose weight. In a live broadcast on Instagram, Igun said that he did light exercise from walking to jogging. The reason is, he also had a history of blood sugar that was high enough to reach 300. After undergoing his diet program, he managed to reduce his blood sugar level to normal again. Igun said, “Before I wanted to tell you that in the past my sugar level reached 300, but now after changing my pattern and lifestyle, you can see that now my sugar level has returned to normal,” he said.

Igun said that maintaining fitness, eating patterns, and having a positive mind are the keys to a healthy lifestyle. He also often shares his diet progress on Instagram and so far he has lost about 18 kg. Many praised her diet program and Igun’s appearance slowly began to change for the better, namely his facial lines looked firmer and looked fresher.

Igun’s efforts in losing weight are commendable because it really produces changes for the better in terms of health and appearance. Congratulations to Igun, I hope the diet program is successful!


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