Application Error, 42 Food Delivery Goes 7 Years Old Girl’s House

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Due to an application error, a 7-year-old girl accidentally ordered food up to 42 times. As a result, dozens of food deliverymen filled the area of ​​his house. Ordering food is now easier because of the online application. The process is also practical, just choose the menu from the desired restaurant, then the food order will be sent to your home.

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Payment can also be made when the order has arrived. It’s so easy to order food online, anyone can do it, even small children. However, be careful when ordering online. Don’t make the mistake of a 7 year old girl in Cebu, Philippines.

The girl initially ordered a serving of chicken fillet online through the FoodPanda app. The order was immediately sent by the food delivery man. However, he was surprised because not only one food delivery man arrived at his house, but as many as 42 couriers. Dozens of food delivery men also filled the alleys of his house, causing traffic jams.

And the 42 food deliverymen each brought a portion of chicken fillet ordered by the girl. Apparently something went wrong when he ordered the food.

Reporting from Sunstar (28/11) her neighbor, Dann Kayne Suarez, said that when the girl ordered food, the internet connection at her house was slow.

He knocked several times until finally the order occurred 42 times. When it happened, the girl was at home with her grandmother.

While her parents are at work and leave their smartphones at home. Furthermore, her neighbors said that the girl was already used to ordering food online.

Only, this time there was an application error that made the order unexpected. Knowing that her house was full of food deliverymen, the girl became frightened and cried.

Moreover, he did not have enough money to pay for the 42 orders that came to his house. The reason, his parents only left enough money.

One serving of chicken fillet contains chicken, rice and fries. A portion is priced at around Rp. 55,400. With a total of 42 orders, the girl had to pay Rp 2,338,500.

Luckily, his neighbors came to the rescue by buying a portion of the chicken fillet. But not all, there were some riders who returned to the restaurant with their orders.

This incident also went viral after being shared by Dann Kayne Suarez via his Facebook page. Various netizen responses also filled the comments column.

“Maybe next time a minor must be accompanied, if you order online like that,” wrote a netizen.

“Wow, a small child must be seen when holding a cellphone. I’m afraid that if the online messages go wrong, the dealer will lose money,” wrote another netizen.


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