Besides Midsommar, here are 11 Heretical Sect Themed Movies that are No Less Creepy. Very Goosebumps!

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Horror or mystery films since ancient times until now have always succeeded in attracting public attention. Even if watching it makes you nervous, therein lies the sensation that horror movie connoisseurs are looking for. Talking about the types of horror films, it is still divided into several parts. One of the most popular are horror films that tell stories about heretical sects.

Just imagining the word sect for some people gives goosebumps, especially when you hear the term heretical sect. The reason is, it is undeniable that in various places in this part of the world there are things like that. One of the films about a heretical sect that had boom really is “Midsommar”. In fact, apart from that, there are a number of other cult films that are not inferior creepy lo. Check out this movie recommendation review, come on!

1. Witness the struggle of a police detective in a remote place to investigate a kidnapping case carried out by a group of heretical sects. The film titled “The Wicker Man” is guaranteed to make goosebumps

The Wicked Man / Credit: NY Times

2. Released in 1999, the film titled “Eyes Wide Shut” starring Tom Cruise will take you into the drama of infidelity as well as a horrific cult

Eyed Wide Shut / Credit: Youngfiction21

3. Based on a true story that once shook America in the 60s, the film “Helter Skelter” tells about the actions of the “Mansion Family”

Helter Skelter / Credit: Amazon

4. Remake from the first film which was released in 1968, the film “Rosemary’s Baby” raised a story about a cult that would make us nervous throughout the film.

Rosemary’s Baby / credit: Imdb

5. Curious about a dance academy run by a group of magicians? I think you need to watch “Suspiria”. It’s scary not playing!

Suspiria / Credit: My Dirt Sheet

6. Rarely discussed, “Martha Marcy May Marlene” is actually really interesting to watch. This film tells the story of a woman who is a former cult follower in a remote mountain who runs away from her group

Martha Marcy May Marlene / credit: Casimages

7. Combining a story between a deviant movement and an act of revenge, “Mandy” starring Nicolas Cage is really worth enjoying so that your life is not too calm~

Mandy / Credit: Pinterest

8. Based on the true story of the Jonestown tragedy in 1978, “The Sacrament” is a film that tells the story of a deeply secretive religious movement. That’s terrible!

The Sacrament / Credit: Imdb

9. Having been the pros and cons of the metal music scene, the film titled “Lord of Chaos” successfully depicts the dark story of the music scene for young demon worshipers in Norway.

The Lord of Chaos / Credit: Pinterest

10. Taking the era of 1905, the film “Apostle” will present a gripping story about the struggle of a man who saves his sister from a cult

Apostle / Credit: Pinterest

11. The last and the middle boom recently, “A Classic Horror Story”. A film about a group of people who got lost and were kidnapped by a terrible sect in the middle of the forest

A Classic Horror Story / Credit: Netflix

Horror films for some people may seem ordinary, but horror films that tell stories about heretical sects really feel different. Hopefully we never meet the weird people in the movie. That’s terrible!

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