Billed in Tax 6 Million a Month, This Meatball Trader in Binjai Shocked He Couldn’t Sleep – Boombastis

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As a citizen who obeys the rules, paying taxes is certainly an obligation that must be done. Especially for restaurant owners, restaurants, and street vendors. Unfortunately, recently a fantastic tax bill case emerged that made the merchant unable to sleep.

Handoko, the owner of a meatball stall on Jalan Gatot Subroto, Binjai City, said he was surprised to receive a tax bill of up to IDR 6 million a month or IDR 200 thousand per day. Why is the tax that Handoko has to pay so expensive? And how about clarification from the local government?

Never got a bill

Handoko previously sold meatballs around using motorized tricycles. However, recently opened a small stall on the side of the road. While selling, he has never received a tax bill and received socialization regarding tax payments. However, he admitted that he was surprised when he found a monthly tax bill of IDR 6 million.

Photo of the tax bill received by Mr. Handoko, the owner of the Karebet meatball stall [sumber gambar]

Through the Kompas website, Handoko admitted that he could not sleep thinking about the taxes or debts he had to pay to the state. He also chose to close his shop. According to Handoko, the tax that must be paid is 10 percent. To him, it was too big for a hawker like him. Especially during the pandemic, Handoko’s daily income only reaches Rp. 100 thousand rupiah.

Local government clarification

Affan Siregar, as the head of the Binjai City BPKAD, explained that the tax bill refers to Law Number 28 of 2009 concerning Regional Taxes and Regional Levies. It is stated that the person who pays the tax is an individual or a buyer from the restaurant. The amount of the tax is 10 percent of sales paid by consumers.

Binjai city BPKAD office [sumber gambar]

Affan also added that the bill was not fixed. The reason is, the amount of the merchant’s tax bill is obtained through a survey conducted with limited human resources. His party has opened an opportunity for traders who want to clarify the amount of the bill given, by attending the socialization which will be held on 23-27 August 2021 at the GOR.

Given the opportunity to do tax whitening

The sight of Pak Handoko’s Karebet Meatball Stall on Jalan Gatot Subroto [sumber gambar]

In the socialization, BPKAD stated that later there would be tax amnesty, so that the amount of tax to be paid could be adjusted accordingly. Handoko himself came to the socialization on August 25 to get tax relief. He along with several other traders gave clarification regarding the income from their business.

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Paying taxes is an obligation for every citizen. However, the government can also accept complaints and responses from its citizens if it turns out that there is no conformity with the actual results.

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