Cultural: Come September, eastern star, let the PKI flourish!

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Cultural Ridwan Saidi.  Photo:

Betawi historian and culturalist Ridwan Saidi specifically describes the bloody events that occurred in the history of the Republic of Indonesia in September, 1965 to be exact.Come September, Star of the East, and Fertility of the PKI‘.

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This historian who often reaps controversy explains that 1965 was a milestone year for the Indonesian nation.

In an article posted on Republica, Ridwan Saidi explained, at that time communist ideology in Indonesia was still mushrooming and had not been banned as it is today.

Even in various corners of the capital, there are monuments celebrating the founding of the Indonesian Communist Party.

“The atmosphere of fighting has been evident since the morning of May 23, 1965. In various corners of the city of Jakarta, there are triplex monuments with the theme of hammer and sickle and the number 45 in red. The PKI claims that their party was born on May 23, 1920 even though it is not supported by facts,” said Ridwan in his writings, quoted by Hops on Wednesday, September 1, 2021.

Cultural Ridwan Saidi. Photo:

Soekarno as the figure of the President of the Republic of Indonesia who at that time served was also present at the celebration of the birth of the PKI at the Senayan Main Stadium.

Ridwan Saidi said that in front of a mass of PKI sympathizers, Sukarno made a loud shout about his support for the PKI.

“Their PKI Anniversary was celebrated at the Senayan Main Stadium with Bung Karno (BK) in attendance. “It’s fertile, the PKI is fertile,” said BK during his speech there,” he said.

After celebrating the anniversary, the PKI became more violent

A few months after celebrating its anniversary, the PKI was portrayed as an increasingly violent group in public.

The aggressive climax of the party bearing the hammer and sickle logo occurred on September 30, 1965, when a number of general councilors were mercilessly killed until they were killed in an old well.

“Furthermore, the PKI became more aggressive. On September 28, 1965, the CGMI (Concentration of the Indonesian Student Movement), which was a PKI mass organization, appeared in Istora. On September 29, 1965 a Gerwani (PKI women’s mass organization) event took place in Senayan. September 30, 1965 Gestapu/PKI exploded…!,” said Ridwan Saidi.

The symbol of the hammer and sickle, the PKI.  Photo: Merdeka
The symbol of the hammer and sickle, the PKI. Photo: Merdeka

Suddenly the PKI’s ferocity made the people wonder what was really going on.

However, everything seemed clear after the Commander of the Jayapura Regional Military Command, General Umar Wiradhadikusuma, reported that the party responsible for the terror against a number of TNI officials was the PKI movement.

Suddenly the party which initially received support from many people was condemned from various parties, one of them, HMI, PII, Pemuda Muhammadiyah, to PMKRI.

“On the next day, there was only a statement from the Jaya Regional Commander General Umar Wirahadikusuma who explained to the HMI management that this was the PKI movement,” said Ridwan Saidi.

“On October 4, 1965 at Taman Sunda Kalapa Menteng, HMI, PII, Pemuda Muhammadiyah, and PMKRI held a grand meeting. It contains condemning the PKI and demanding that the brand be disbanded,” he continued.

Meanwhile, Ridwan Saidi also revealed the call for ‘Come September’ which he took from a Hollywood film that was released in 1961.

Ridwan Saidi claimed that the Come September film was the last western spectacle that the Indonesians could enjoy at that time.

“The Come September movie marks the last time we can see Western civilization before the following year the Western window is closed tightly,” he said.

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