Curious about the issue of pregnancy before marriage, Armand Maulana bluntly asked Lesti Kejora

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Rizky Billar and Lesti Kejora held a thanksgiving ceremony for their wedding on August 19. Armand Maulana, who was also present at the event, was asked for his opinion regarding rumors that Lesti Kejora was already pregnant.

Hearing the issue, the husband of Dewi Gita gave a safe answer. “Ah, I don’t know (pregnant or not), I just found out about the issue,” said Armand Maulana, met in the Dharmawangsa area, South Jakarta, Sunday (29/8/2021).

Armand Maulana admitted that he was indeed curious about having a baby because Tausyiah was discussing the matter. Asking directly, Dewi Gita’s husband admitted that Lesti did not give a definite answer about her pregnancy.

“I was asked, ‘how do you want to get pregnant right away?’, then Billar said ‘gas bro!’, that’s all,” said Armand Maulana.

“Lesti was just, ‘I don’t know, just ask (Billar)’,” said Armand Maulana.

Armand Maulana also admitted that he did not ask further because of Lesti’s answer. However, the vocalist of the band GIGI does not know if Lesti is pregnant or not.

“I don’t know whether I’m pregnant or not,” he added.

When asked about the signs that Lesti Kejora was pregnant, Armand Maulana also admitted that he did not know about the distended stomach that the netizens were referring to. Because, at the Thanksgiving event, Lesti wore ordinary clothes that didn’t show her distended stomach.

“What’s a sign, right, his clothes are not baggy, he’s still slim,” said Armand Maulana.

As is known, the issue of Lesti Kejora being pregnant first appeared when netizens were busy commenting on Lesti’s stomach during the wedding shower moment some time ago.

Source: 1NEWS

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