Du Yiheng Used to be Stuntman Andy Lau Now Marries The Superstar’s Ex-lover

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1NEWS – Chinese actor Du Yiheng, now his name is known and has many fans. His face is indeed handsome and his TV series are in demand. Even though he was just a stuntman Andy Lau. He has been Andy Lau’s body double for ten years. Undeniably, Du Yiheng did have a facial resemblance to Andy Lau, maybe even a little more handsome.

10 years of faithfully carrying out his duties by Andy Lau’s side, after choosing to pursue his own career, Du Yiheng is still associated with Andy. He even got a lot of offers because he was considered a cheap version of Andy Lau. Didn’t think, even in love life, not far from Andy Lau. Did you know that Du Yiheng was married to actress Yu Ke Hsin, who after being traced back, turned out to be Andy Lau’s girlfriend in the past.

Andy Lau had a love affair with Yu Ke Hsin when he was still a newcomer to the Hong Kong film industry, around 1984. Andy often took Yu Ke Hsin on various occasions and appeared intimate. Unfortunately, their relationship foundered in 1985. The reason was at that time, Andy loved himself more than his lover.

Because of this separation, Hsim was depressed, until he disappeared for years from the entertainment world. Then Hsin met with Andy Lau’s twin, Du Yiheng. Yiheng is said to have helped him through the depression. They fell in love with each other and got married in 2005. At that time Yiheng was still working for Andy Lau. Now Yiheng and Hsin have a daughter, 11 years old.
Yiheng worked as Andy Lau’s stuntman until 2010. He then said to himself, he didn’t want to be a stuntman anymore. And made a breakthrough, trying his own luck as an actor. In fact, his acting ability was recognized, so he got the main role in the action film Lets Bullet Fly, directed by Jiang Wen .

*The photo of the resemblance of DU Yiheng and Andy Lau should already be in MEDIA because yesterday I wrote it
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