Evi Masamba Reveals Almost Give Up Living the Household, Children Are The Reason To Survive

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1NEWSEvi Masamba and Arif Hajrianto officially married on Wednesday, October 24, 2018. For almost three years of marriage, the dangdut singer who graduated from the DAcademy talent show admitted that he had almost given up and wanted to end his marriage with Arif.

This condition occurred at the age of one year of marriage. Triggered because the husband is considered unable to be a responsible priest. Reportedly, the husband often spends time playing games from morning until late at night until he forgets his obligations.

When she was a guest on a talk show, Evi Masamba revealed the condition of her household with Arif Hajrianto. He did not deny the news of the almost divorce until he had separated from his house for quite a long time.

“(Household) It’s fine, although yesterday I wanted to get a divorce,” said Evi Masamba on the Viral Coffee program, Trans TV, recently.

Intention Evi Masamba divorce was canceled because at that time, she was pregnant, the fruit of her love with Arif. Moreover, according to Evi, the divorce decision was only due to emotion, because she admitted that she still loved her husband very much.

“Because I consider many things, the first is having children, the second I still love, then I don’t want to disappoint my family,” explained Evi Masamba.

The domestic conflict that Evi and her husband faced was a new thing for them during their marriage. Now Evi Masamba and Arif introspect each other to be more mature in dealing with household problems.

“So I put myself to maturity and my husband too,” said Evie Masamba.

“It was yesterday. If the divorce was true yesterday, there was a time when I wanted a divorce. I just came back to think about my baby. I’m sorry, when I was born there was no father, so I only thought about goodness, that is, thinking about my child,” concluded Evi Masamba.


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