Evi Masamba Reveals Why His Marriage Almost Disbanded

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1NEWS – The turmoil in the household of the dancer Evi Masamba and her husband, Arif Hajrianto, ended peacefully. They canceled their divorce and are now living happily with their only child.

Name Evi Masamba skyrocketed after winning the Dangdut Academy Indosiar season 2 in 2015. Since then, his personal life has been in the spotlight of fans and netizens alike.

While pursuing a career, Evi Masamba decided to accept Arif’s proposal on October 24, 2018. Although their courtship was short, only 6 months, it did not dampen their intention to commit to being husband and wife.

Less than a year, their marriage was hit by a storm of trouble. Starting to make fun of each other on Instagram, Evi and Arif decided to separate. Until Evi thought about getting a divorce. At that time, Evi was pregnant with her first child.

“(The cause) is because I’m pregnant. When Evi is pregnant, it’s funny, Evi doesn’t like her husband. So, husband is close, the weather is really hot, he wants to be angry. ‘Don’t stay home, just go.’ But if he’s outside, I’ll look for him,” said Evi in ​​a video on Melaney Ricardo’s YouTube channel.

Evi Masamba emphasized that the cause of problems in the household is more caused by hormonal factors. Nothing else. Including the gossip that says Evi dominates her husband.

Their conflict finally subsided. Arif understands what happens when a woman is pregnant after watching a movie related to pregnant women’s hormones. Evi’s intention to separate from Arif was not carried out.

“It’s true, apart from children and family, (the reason we reconcile) is because I love and love my husband. I don’t think I want to be a widow. Evi doesn’t want to. Evi wants to marry this world and the hereafter, with her husband,” explained the 30-year-old woman.

Owner’s real name Evi Anggrainu gave birth to her first child as a girl on August 3, 2019. Her beautiful daughter who is now 2 years old is named Putri Meyshyla Nur Wahid.


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