Exploring the Origin of the First Cosmetics. It’s Been Around Since Ancient Egypt!

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Have you ever thought about who invented cosmetics for the first time?

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Who is not familiar with cosmetics? Now almost every woman is probably already familiar with the use of cosmetics, even if it’s just lipstick or foundation just. The existence of this facial makeup is indeed very helpful for those of us who want to appear more fresh and interesting. Miscellaneous makeup Even now, they are increasingly varied, from those that are pocket-friendly, to those that make the pocket scream.

Reporting from various sources, archaeological evidence of the use of cosmetics can be traced back to the time of Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece. The Ancient Egyptians used castor oil instead of balm, while in Roman times, beeswax, olive oil, and rosewater were used as creams for the skin. according to Cosmeticsinfo, they use perfumed oils and ointments to cleanse, soften skin, and cover body odor. Oils and creams were also used to protect them from the hot sun and dry winds in Egypt.

1. Foundation Turns out it used to be made from lead powder to dangerous lead paint

Foundation | Photo by Anderson Guerra from Pexels

Quote from New Beauty, foundation It has been in use since ancient Greece and Rome. However, foundation at that time of course not as we know it today. They use lead powder and white chalk on the face to make the skin brighter. The dangerous content often results in fatal poisoning.

In the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, pale skin was also seen as a symbol of privilege, so they turned to using lead paint to whiten their faces. In England, during the reign of Charles II, women then began to use darker makeup to cover pale faces, but by the end of the 18th century the pale skin trend was back in fashion.

Development foundation with a healthier formulation began in 1914, which is when Max Factor introduced makeup ‘pancakes’. Since then, the formulation and color foundation or foundation developed and formulated from healthy and beneficial ingredients.

2. Lipstick was popularized by Queen Cleopatra with its seductive red color

Red lipstick | Photo by Sam Lion from Pexels

Today’s lipstick trends are very varied, right? lip cream, lip tint, and various other types. But long before this, the tradition of decorating the lips turned out to have started since BC. Lipstick as a lip decoration was first introduced by Mesopotamian women. They use milled gemstones to color and decorate their lips.

Lipstick experienced rapid progress in Ancient Egypt which was depicted with Queen Cleopatra’s makeup. They introduce colors’carmine’ which is identical to the current lipstick color, namely red. The ingredients used to make lipstick also use natural ingredients, namely from insect extracts cochineal. In addition, the purple color is obtained from mixing seaweed with wax and various oils.

3. Eyeliner formerly known as ‘kohl’. Not only women, men also wear this makeup

Eyeliner | Photo by Maria Gloss from Pexels

Ancient Egypt was also the beginning of the birth of eye makeup that we know as eyeliner at the moment. At that time, the thick black line was called ‘kohl’. Vice revealed that the kohl was worn by both men and women for the purpose of honoring the gods, keeping out the sun, and also for reasons of cleanliness. Kohl is made of gelana mixed with water, oil, or other dissolving substance.

4. eyeshadow is the development of ‘kohl’ with more colors

Eye shadow | Photo by MART PRODUCTION from Pexels

After eyeliner, also appears eyeshadow and mascara are both used for eye makeup. Reporting from Merdeka, the Greeks created a product called ‘fucus’. eyeshadow develops into more colors by mixing raw materials, such as spices, dried flowers, animal raw materials, and crystal dyes. In India and Babylonia, eyeshadow considered very luxurious and not owned by everyone.

Wow, it turns out that the cosmetics we know today have a long history, right, SoHip. Luckily for us, who have felt the ease of using various types of cosmetics safely, there is no need to experiment with dangerous ingredients. Of these make-up inventions, which one do you think is the most surprising?


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