Gara Gara Not Allowed to Marry A Child Has the Heart to Kill His Biological Father With a Knife | Most Exciting

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Paling Seru – Cases of murder and rape now seem to be the daily news of the country. I don’t know where the human heart and soul are, people have the heart to kill someone’s life.

Even more heartbreaking and heart-wrenching, cases of murders and rapes committed by family members have emerged.

Such is the case that recently occurred in Cengkareng Barat, West Jakarta.

A child, a child who has been cared for and raised with love and affection reportedly killed his biological father using a knife.

Ironically again, the problem behind this murder itself is not a big and serious problem, but a trivial issue as stated by the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Cengkareng Police, Iptu Rahmat.

“He said he didn’t want to get married (the victim’s blessing), that’s right (upset not getting his blessing),” said Iptu Rahmat.

However, this is still being investigated by the police because the perpetrator, SRA (26) cannot be spoken to and is still rebelling, allegedly experiencing severe depression after the incident.

“He can’t be questioned directly, he’s still in rebellion. Her mother also had a stroke, she couldn’t say anything, “explained Iptu Rahmat, reported by

Iptu Rahmat added that his party plans to take the perpetrator to a mental hospital for a mental check.

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