Government Asks Tzuyu’s Fanbase in China, ‘TZUYUbar’ To Change Name Because Of This! | Kpop Chart

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Tzuyu TWICE’s largest fanbase in China, ‘TZUYUbar’ was asked by the country’s government to change the name of their fanbase on Weibo.

Tzuyu TWICE’s fanbase, which has 230,000 members on Weibo, announced through the fanbase account (now deleted) to change its name within 2 weeks.

This is because the Chinese Government considers the word ‘bar’ in the name ‘TZUYUbar’ problematic under the Central Commission for Cyber ​​Affairs which is tasked with ‘strengthening disorderly management of fandom’.

Changes made by the government also include banning the release of celebrity charts, disbanding fanclubs that raise money for celebrities, banning minors from spending money to support idols, banning fights between fanclubs and more.

Platforms that do not comply with the latest measures that have been released by the government will receive sanctions. (1NEWS)

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