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Persib Bandung’s ambition in Liga 1 2021/22 is clear, that they want to win the title. Therefore, this season they have been strengthened by many quality players, especially the new names that have been brought in.

Now, Persib is linked with a naturalized striker from Nigeria, Greg Nwokolo. It started from a photo on Instagram social media that showed Greg holding a Persib jersey, but a jersey from the 2020 season.

Teddy Tjahjono as director of PT Persib Bandung Dignity (PBB) did not confirm or deny the possibility of new players coming. However, he didn’t want to make sure that there was a chance for Greg.

However, Persib already has quite a lot of players, up to 30 names. “I’ve said before, as long as the registration for players is not closed, we still have the opportunity to register players,” Teddy said to the media.

Although there is a possibility that Greg will come to Persib, it seems quite small. The reason is, the player who once defended Persija Jakarta seems to be enjoying life outside of football, including family, during the corona virus pandemic.

Many think that Greg can add depth to the Persib squad, which this season has enough senior players, and their fostered young players. The reason is that the front line of Persib was previously left by Ferdinand Sinaga to Persis Solo.

Maung Bandung already has four naturalized players in this season. At the back they have Victor Igbonefo, who both come from Nigeria. Then there are Esteban Vizcarra and Marc Klok in midfield, plus striker Ezra Walian.

When will Persib Bandung start Liga 1 2021/22?

Persib Bandung will start this season by meeting Barito Putera, 4 September. However, it is not yet known where Maung Bandung will play the first week’s party.

PT Liga Indonesia Baru (LIB) as the competition operator really wants to provide a venue for the match two days before kick-off, and the club must be ready. Liga 1 has so far run three matches, and all ended in winners.


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