Haru’s Portrait, The Simplicity of These Brothers Bribing Bread to Each Other, Makes You Touch – 1NEWS

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The harmony and cohesiveness of siblings must be taught from a young age. This will have a good impact in the future. Like the brothers in the following video.

Even though they are still small, the brothers seem so harmonious and compact. The two of them were even seen sharing and gorging themselves on a piece of bread.

The second video also made the public touched. One of the people who was touched was the famous preacher, Ustaz Yusuf Mansur.

Reported from the Instagram account @yusufmansurnew, Ustaz Yusuf Mansur shared a video showing two brothers and sisters eating a piece of bread. In his upload, Yusuf Mansur seemed moved to see the moment.


it’s brothers and sisters, where are you? want to pick it up. So students 2-2. but not separated… how do you do that?” Ustaz Yusuf Mansur wrote in his upload.

In the upload, the two boys seem to pray before eating. The brother then fed his sister with a piece of bread. After that, it was the younger brother’s turn to feed his brother.

The 58-second video apparently caught the attention of netizens. Many of them were touched to see the moment.

“Masha Allah , I’m touched, , stay healthy, dede brother,, continue to get along until you’re big, okay,” wrote the account @rdfa11.

“I swear I was touched too, a kid this small can share that understanding with each other ,” continued the account @asrulilham17.

“It melts and is touched to see it…. ,” continued the account @khankia_sweetness.

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