Have a Toddler? Avoid Saying These 5 Sentences If You Don’t Want To Be Disappointed!

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All parents have hopes for the best for their children. Even the way children teach also affects the mindset of children when they grow up. One of the small things that will have an important impact until they grow up are the words he often hears from parents, especially mothers. This is because basically the child will be closer to his mother. From here, Moms also don’t just say words that actually have a negative impact on your little one.

Throwing words at children, especially when they are toddlers, must be careful. If it is wrong, then the impact will be felt by the child immediately. Research from Harvard Medical School also classifies several forms of words as verbal violence such as swearing, insulting, criticizing, threatening, berating and demeaning. That’s why Moms don’t let your little one experience post-traumatic stress disorder which will affect the development of the child.

1.“Mommy is disappointed in you.” Avoid expressing your disappointed feelings to your little one

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Those whose names are children are of course very natural if they still make mistakes. But you should avoid telling your child that you are disappointed with his attitude. This will only make the child seem worthless and afraid to do something because it is considered disappointing.

2.“This mama’s child is smart.” Excessive praise will only have a bad impact on children

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For parents, of course, often say words like “You’re so smart, kid” or “Mom’s daughter is the smartest”, even if the child is only doing something common. On the other hand, it may make the child more confident. But if left alone will only make children dependent on praise so that he will wait for praise even if it is only doing trivial things.

3.“Do not Cry” or “Don’t be shy”. It is natural for children to cry when they are in pain

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For Moms who happen to find their little one stumbling and crying or whining, you should avoid throwing words, “don’t cry”, then said, “you will be fine”. It is natural for children to cry because they feel pain. They can’t help it yet even though Moms say everything will be fine. Forcing children to be okay when they feel sick will only provide temporary comfort that the impact is actually bad.

4.“You don’t have to let mommy just do it later if you make it messy”. Prohibition like this will only make children less confident

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Being a parent requires patience. Especially if your little one has started to be active and wants to help you prepare food, sweep and other work you do. Their behavior often makes Moms say words that make the child actually not confident if he can also help. Let them help even if it’s messy. After all, it can be fixed again.

5.“Why can’t you be like your brother or your friends.” Comparing children with other people will only make him low in front of his own people

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Moms need to understand very well that the name of the child’s ability is different. Just because your little one can’t do what his friends or even his own brother can do, doesn’t mean he’s bad. As a parent, you should avoid words that tend to underestimate your child’s abilities.

The role of parents, especially a mother, is very important in determining the growth and development of children. Good moms will certainly understand better by not saying words that actually make children experience pressure. For better growth and development, you should avoid words like the ones above, Moms.

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