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Gangsters have always been a troubling group in every country. This underground group usually always commits disturbing crimes. Of course their actions must be eradicated, but unfortunately most of them hide their identity well. As a result, let alone track him down, it’s hard to just know his name.

An alley in London called Hellbanianz apparently has an unusual characteristic. Because they even show their identity on social media. By showing off his wealth, as if to show his power. So what’s the full story like? Check out the reviews below.

A gang that doesn’t hesitate to show off wealth

Generally, gangster members always act underground so that his movements are not detected. However, an alley that has the name Hellbanianz apparently did something unusual. Instead of hiding their identity, they proudly show off their wealth to sharp weapons.

Hellbanianz . Member [sumber gambar]

They didn’t hesitate to show their faces especially the gang leaders. Even in their uploads, they seem to insinuate many parties by saying that they are busy spending their money, while other groups or communities have to work hard to collect money. The Hellbanianz gang is based in England and already has many members of various ages.

Already caught but not deterred

Dealing with the police because of their actions did not even deter Hellbanianz. Instead of self-introspection, they instead show off their treasures and recruit many people to join. The crimes committed are also increasing. This of course makes the London police have to struggle in eradicating them.

Enemy opponent symbol [sumber gambar]

The identities of the dignitaries might have been known from Instagram, but the other members were still hiding their faces. Not only that, they even invited small children to deliver messages from their gang. Complete with the gang’s signature chain necklace, the little boy was asked to challenge other groups opposite them through his Instagram account.

Where does their money come from

Yes, Hellbanianz is known as a gang that often shows off money, but the question is where does their money come from? Investigate a calibaration, like other gangsters, their money comes from the dark business. Reporting from the Grid page, they trade illegal drugs and are one of the members of the ‘Country Line’ drug dealer in London.

Selling illicit goods [sumber gambar]

Sadly, this gang ordered small children to take drugs from the city of London, then sold it to several cities that became its power. By using small children as couriers, they are labeled bad by society. I’m afraid this will also affect the children who are close to gang life as adults.

Will continue to be eradicated because it has been troubling

Eradication of this disturbing gang is still being carried out. Already several people have been arrested with the abundance of evidence found. For example, in 2016, three members of this gang were jailed and sentenced to 42 years. During the arrest, it was revealed that the luxury they had been showing off so far was true.

Will continue to be eradicated [sumber gambar]

There the police found several cars, luxury goods, money, and several firearms. The arrests are a first step towards eradicating the gang’s illicit business and weakening their influence. Because at that time, Hellbanianz was considered to have control of the city over other alleys.

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Hellbanianz is an example of how a gangster is allowed to carry out his actions. They are not even ashamed of their actions, they even show themselves off. There are many people out there who are suffering.

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