HELP!!! THE HUSBAND carried his son when his wife raided with another man. . .

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BS’s heart as a husband is really sliced. While holding his son, the 38-year-old man raided his wife, ENM, 38, while having an affair with another man in a boarding house in Banaran Village, Sunday.

Nur Khamid, Head of the Trantibum Satpol PP of Kediri City, explained that the raid started with a complaint from the public (dumas) that the boarding house in Banaran Village was allegedly used for immoral acts. Namely, a married woman entered the boarding room with a man who was allegedly not her husband.

“Following up the Dumas regarding women who are already married, they put men in the boarding room with the door closed, and the residents of Banaran Village and the husband of the boarding house raided them. The patrol team secures the person concerned to anticipate the disturbance of the transtubation at the location, and then he is taken to the mako for further data collection,” said Nur Khamid, Sunday.

According to Nur Khamid, the woman who was raided was ENM (38), a resident of Ngronggo Village, Kediri City. Mobilization by BS who live in Wates District. The raid carried out by the husband was the peak of his suspicions so far.

Previously, continued Nur Khamid, BS first raided his wife who was having an affair with a man named M. Rofik Umar (31), a resident of Jongbiru, Gampengrejo District, Kediri Regency. During the raid, BS was holding his son.

BS, who lives in Wates Subdistrict, Kediri Regency, has long suspected his wife of having an affair. Saturday ENM said goodbye to go to meet his friends in the city of Kediri. It turned out that the woman met her mistress, M Rofik Umar, at the house where she was boarding. There was almost a riot of time, but luckily it was muted. For the next steps, the best mediation from each family is carried out.

“Moh. Rofik Umar was handed over to his younger brother and the family expressed their gratitude for the assistance from the Kediri City Satpol PP. Meanwhile, the ENM handed over to her husband is BS,” concluded Nur Khamid.


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