Hurt by Ahmad Dhani’s words? Maia Estianty Dislikes Being Compared to Mulan Jameela: I Don’t Use Feelings!

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Maia Estianty and Ahmad Dhani are back in the spotlight after Mulan Jameela’s husband raised his voice about the temperament of Irwan Mussry’s wife. Dhani is known to refer to Maia as the queen of imaging.

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He was also surprised to see Maia for almost 15 years still talking about past conflicts with Mulan Jameela. Not only that, Ahmad Dhani also openly compared Maia Estianty and Mulan Jameela.

As for Maia Estianty, Ahmad Dhani once mentioned what he said about himself. Reported from YouTube Denny Sumargo (30/08/2021), Maia opened up about Ahmad Dhani’s words that pierced her heart.

Apparently, Ahmad Dhani always referred to Maia as a man and compared her to Mulan Jameela.

“So you say ‘this is a boy’, so you can google it, Maia is a boy, Maia is a boy,” said Maia Estianty, quoted from Grid.ID.

“Maybe even my ex-husband also said I was a man.” “Wrong marriage!” said Maia then.

Maia said she did have a tomboyish nature, and relied more on logic than feelings.

“Eh, I’m really logical, that’s why sometimes people say that I’m like a man. Because I don’t use my feelings, I just use logic,” explained Maia.

“When something happens, for example, I can think like a man. For example, we have to go out of the box and think of a way out,” explained Maia.

“Don’t be there, it’s complicated, we have to be outside to analyze so that we can decide wisely and fairly,” added Al’s mother, El, Dul.

Previously, Ahmad Dhani had compared the figures of Maia Estianty and Mulan Jameela.

Reporting from the Ipung Official YouTube show which was uploaded last June 2020, Dhani said Maia doesn’t need a man in her life.

“The reason is that Mulan is very female and Maia is very male. He is really a man when he becomes independent,” said Ahmad Dhani.

“When she is independent, (Maia) can become an artist, she can earn her own money. The more independent the male nature appears, “he added.

“If it’s not Mulan, even though she has her own money she is still a woman (subject to men),” he said.


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