Injured, Guilherme Batata Absence of Defending Persela in First Series League 1 | 1NEWS

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Persela Lamongan cannot be strengthened by Guilherme Batata due to injury. Laskar Joko Tingkir is also faced with other obstacles related to the COVID-19 vaccination.

Batata suffered an injury to his right leg. Scan results confirming the condition of the Brazilian player.

“There is a fracture in the 5th segment of the metatarsal bone of the right foot. Rest for approximately two months,” said the Persela Medical Team, Hasyim, to reporters, Wednesday (1/9/2021).

Batata had complained of pain in his right leg. The former PSS Sleman player was sidelined during practice and could not continue to hone himself.

In addition to being confused with Guilherme Batata’s injury, Persela is also faced with other problems related to a number of players who are threatened with not being able to play because they have not received the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Persela players who have not received the second dose of vaccine include Gian Zola, Riswan Yusman, Iman Budi, Nujlal Afifi, Risqi Putra Utomo and Mohammad Faizal.

“There are some of our players who are currently doing a vaccine. Based on the regulations of the LIB, it is not allowed. There should have been two vaccines and had a vaccine certificate,” said Persela trainer, Iwan Setiawan.

The situation made Iwan have to rack his brain to find a solution. The 63-year-old coach inevitably had to change the line-up that had been prepared for the inaugural match of Liga 1 2021.

“This means that we as coaches have been setting Zola as one of the players in the first team. With this rule, we are trying to change it again by not including Zola in the first team. So we are looking for a replacement. Hopefully the results will remain optimal,” said Iwan.

In accordance with the regulations applied by PT Liga Indonesia Baru as the operator of the competition, all elements involved in the competition, whether players, coaches, team officials, match organizers, to journalists, are required to have received a complete vaccine or two doses.

Persela’s first match in Liga 1 2021 is scheduled to take place, Saturday (4/9/2021) against PSIS Semarang.


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