JANDA is willing to go meet her popcorn, for the sake of being nasty. .

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A widow accidentally flew from Jakarta to Jambi to meet a 17-year-old popcorn.

The 40-year-old widow, turned out to be deliberately looking for a quiet place with her popcorn while in Jambi.

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MM (40) and IR (17) slept in a hotel in Jambi City.

For two days they felt at home alone in a hotel room.

The couple who did not have marital ties were raided by members of the police during a raid on community diseases (Pekat).

The Pekat raid led by the Head of Pasar Sector Police, AKP Sandy Mutaqqin, succeeded in securing the woman MM (40) from South Jakarta and male IR (17) from Kenali Asam Atas, Jambi City.

Initially, IR admitted that MM was his mother.

However, when pressed by the police, he finally admitted that MM was not his mother.

As it turned out, the couple had already booked a hotel for four days.

However, on the second day at the hotel, they were caught by the Pasar Polsek.

MM admitted that he was in Jambi for four days.

“Just two days in Jambi,” he said.

AKP Sandi Mutaqin said that the 2019 Concentrated Operation was carried out in order to prevent community diseases.

When they arrived at the room, the Pasar Polsek team knocked on the door several times, but it never opened.

The two couples who are very far apart in age, are suspected of practicing prostitution.

Police said the 17-year-old IR man looked nervous during questioning.

“At first he said that the woman was his mother. But when he was pressed for the truth, he later admitted that the woman was not his mother,” said a member.

Just shorts

When the door was opened, the IR brondong was naked.

He was wearing only shorts and appeared to stutter when questioned by police.

MM also mentioned that he knew IR brondong through his Facebook account.

“Know through chat via Facebook and continue to communicate until here,” he said.

According to the woman from South Jakarta, she is no longer married and has two children who are currently in Jakarta.


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