Jonathan Frizzy’s Love Story with Masayu Anastasia Ends Due to Religious Differences

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Masayu Anastasia (Seno/

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1NEWSJonathan Frizzy was in love with Masayu Anastasia. The lovebirds first met a year before officially dating, around October 2002. The first meeting did not leave a deep impression. Ijonk and Ayu don’t believe in love at first sight. Ijonk needs a process before deciding to attach his heart to someone. Ayu has three money. At that time they only exchanged cell phone numbers. Then the SMS-joy. Chatting. And walk together. Until they both realized, the arrow of romance had stuck in each other’s chest.

Drunk in love, both seem to forget about the differences in their beliefs. “At that time we were sure we could unite. The important thing is to try it first,” Ijonk expressed his belief at the time. However, he doesn’t know, the longer they date, the more they find out that differences cannot be compromised. Even religious differences that made the two break up.

Masayu Anastasia (Seno/

“The most important thing is that we have different principles, different religions. It’s difficult to put it together,” he said Ijonk. “When we wanted to talk seriously about our relationship, we again bumped into matters of religion,” he continued. In fact, in terms of the nature of the two already understand each other. “He is kind, very understanding to me,” said Ijonk, as reported by the Indonesian Bintang Tabloid in 2005.

They both concluded that if they were forced to continue the relationship, they would be hurt. “We got to the stage, ‘Yeah, too, huh?’” said Ijonk. “After talking, we came to a point: this relationship must end.” The decision, said Ijonk, came purely from his and Ayu’s consciousness. “We’re off to a good start. And want to part on good terms too.” Family doesn’t interfere. “They were not involved at all,” explained Ijonk.

Even though he has broken up, Ijonk still keeps his memories with Ayu in his memory. “I was most impressed by our habit of going out of town,” said Ijonk. Every time he thought about it, the wound in his heart opened again. Now, his relationship with Ayu is like brothers. “Every time I met, I was greeted, ‘Hi, brother.’ I replied, ‘Hi, sister,’” story Ijonk. He just wanted to get on with his life again. “Life must go on,” he continued.

It is known that Masayu Anastasia later married Lembu Club Eighties. However, their marriage later broke up. Meanwhile, Ijonk is married to Dhena Devanka. Ijonk’s marriage is now in danger of failing.


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