[KUIS] Find Out Your First Traveling Place When the Covid-19 Pandemic Is Over? | 1NEWS

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4. Daehakro

If the United States has Broadway, then South Korea has Daehakro. Daehakro is an area that stretches for 1.6 km from Jongno-gu to Hyehwa-dong Rotary in Seoul.

This is where 150 theaters stand and offer a variety of performing arts throughout the year. Musical performances, theater, drama, magic to non-verbal performances never stop and live 24/7 in this arts and culture zone.

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“Daehakro is like Korean Broadway, and it’s very popular with Koreans. Only now known to foreigners. There are many stage performances here, there are also many magicians,” explained the woman who is familiarly called Mama Gina.

And Appa Jay added that many artists before their debut performed in Daehangno. Two of them, Kim Seon Ho (2 Days & 1 Night and Start-Up) and Jeon Mi Do (Hospital Playlist).

Not only enjoying theater performances, in this place tourists can also visit famous historical and cultural sites, such as Marronnier Park and Naksan Park. In this area, tourists can also shop and enjoy a variety of food choices available at the many restaurants in Daehakro.

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