Living with wealth, Soimah chooses to sleep in the garden with mice and cockroaches

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Soimah is not her name if she doesn’t have an eccentric style in everyday life. Despite having achieved much success and living a life full of wealth, Soimah Pancawati instead chose to sleep on a park bench.

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Soimah was seen sleeping sideways in the garden. One hand is above his head. Soimah was so sound asleep when she closed her eyes.

In the caption, Soimah said that the moment of sleep was a happy moment for her. He sleeps with mosquitoes, bugs, mice, ants, and cockroaches. However, Soimah did not forget to wear a blanket to warm her body.

“This is the happiest life, sleeping in the garden with my friends, mosquitoes, bugs, mice, ants, butterflies, cockroaches, tenacious and others. The most important thing is to be wrapped in warmth with a top sarong from Sudjiwo Tejo,” Soimah wrote.

Netizens were excited to see the portrait of Soimah sleeping in the garden. Many gave praise for Soimah’s simplicity, but there were also funny comments.

“It’s fresh, it’s good, but when you wake up, your back feels sore, mom, because it’s hard if you don’t sleep on the bed,” Ratna wrote.

“Wake up maak said he was going to sleep,” commented Maya.

“Waaahh, I feel like I’m camping again, mae. Sleeping in nature with mosquitoes and friends,” said Zafin.

“Mae the best,” added Dhea.

“Sleep well, Mom,” said Novi.

“Oh my gosh, mae, stay healthy, okay,” Rizki commented.


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