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1NEWS – Political observer of the Circle of Faces of Humanity (LAWAN Institute) Muhammad Mualimin outspokenly gave input to the faction of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP) of the DKI Jakarta DPRD.

The reason is that PDIP is aggressively lobbying other DPRD members to support interpellations related to Formula E.

Muhammad Mualimin explained, if PDIP was purely upholding the interests of the community, it could be the initiation of its interpellation supported by other enlightened factions.

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“Legislators need names and reputations,” explained Muhammad Mualimin to 1NEWS, Wednesday (1/8).

Muhammad Mualimin explained that if the DPRD was intelligent, further interviews should be carried out.

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“Because, by enforcing the supervisory function, DPRD members will be recorded in history as legislators who are correct and appreciated by the public,” he said.

Because, people from the beginning doubted and did not believe in the benefits of Formula E.

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Not only that, according to Muhammad Mualimin, DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan should not offer much to persuade DPRD members who want to interpellate.


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