LUCKY in a Chinese cemetery, being fun indehoy people raided. .

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love couple was raided by residents suspected of having sex on a chinese cemetery which is at KM 5, Jalan Ra. Abusamah Lebong Siarang, Palembang City, South Sumatra.

In the video shared by @andreli48 Instagram, a teenage girl and boy are seen in a pitch black Chinese cemetery.

Both seemed to be sitting on a grave. The teenage girl seemed to only be wearing a blue shirt, didn’t have time to put on her pants because they had been raided by residents. Meanwhile, the teenage boys seemed to be wearing full clothes, black jeans and a t-shirt.

Allegedly, both of them were picked up by residents while conducting night patrols during the month of Ramadan. The couple also seemed to be trying to cover their faces when people flashed them and recorded them.

Until this news is published, there is no further information regarding this matter. But for sure, the video went viral and reaped some comments from netizens.


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