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In order to keep cholesterol at normal levels.

Dream – Fried foods are dishes that are liked by the Indonesian people and all walks of life. The fillings are very diverse, such as tempeh, tofu, banana, and many more.

Usually, it is coated with seasoned flour and then deep-fried. Very delicious when eaten warm as a friend to drink tea or coffee. The taste is indeed delicious, but we should not eat fried too often.

The reason is, excessive oil content in fried foods can trigger a series of health problems. If you want to eat fried food, it’s better to make your own at home than to buy it.

Make a healthier version of fried foods. How do you do that? Let’s see.

Use new oil
When frying, try to use new oil. Do not use used oil that is old, especially one that has blackened. Used oil no longer has nutrients and is at risk of being a source of cholesterol. For that make sure to always use new oil when making fried foods.

Maintain oil temperature
Maintaining the temperature of the oil and not changing it is a great way to make food healthier. If the oil is not hot enough, the food will absorb more oil.

If the oil is too hot, it can cause the food to burn. It can also make food unhealthy and unpalatable. In addition to using this method, make sure that the cooked fried foods are drained and then placed on a paper towel to absorb excess oil. This method can remove excess oil content in it.

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Use the right fried dough
Making the right fried dough will greatly affect the results and taste. In some types of fried foods, special dough is needed to make the food more delicious. When making this dough, you can make it healthier by choosing gluten-free flour.

Plain flour tends to absorb more oil in the food. Using the right flour can be the right way to make fried foods healthier.

Add baking soda
Adding baking soda is one way to improve the quality of food dough. This method can also be more healthy because it reduces the absorption of oil in food.


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Rows of Popular Fried Foods in the World, Is There Your Favorite?

Dreams – As Indonesians, our tongues must be familiar with fried foods. Usually in the form of bananas, tempeh, bakwan, tofu, tempeh to cireng which are all processed by frying.

Dibalur seasoned flour, fried in hot oil, then eaten while warm. If you want a spicy taste, just bite it with cayenne pepper. In various countries, there are also many fried foods that are so popular even across continents.

What are those fries?


A Tempura Story That Turns Out to be Not Original from Japan© MEN

Tempura is a typical Japanese fried food. Usually, Japanese people make fried foods made of shrimp wrapped in breadcrumbs and then fried until cooked. There are also those made from vegetables, fish balls, or chicken. Tempura is now also popular in various countries, including Indonesia.

French Fries

Easy Ways to Make French Fries Crispy Again© MEN

French Fries, which were popular in America and western countries, are now also popular in Indonesia. Snacks from fried potatoes are often found in restaurants or cafes. Usually served with chili sauce and mayonnaise.

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fried chicken

Enjoy a Touch of Taiwan at Fried Chicken Master© MEN

Fried Chicken is already familiar. Popularized in Europe and America, this spiced flour fried chicken is a favorite food in many countries. Even many local versions with a distinctive taste that is no less delicious.

Spring Roll

Spring roll© Pixabay

This oriental snack is a favorite fried in China and in Asian countries. Spring roll is also famous in Indonesia, for the Indonesian version is similar to spring rolls. Spring rolls usually contain vegetables, shrimp and chicken.


Corndog© Shutterstock

It is a sausage wrapped in seasoned flour, then fried in hot oil. Is a favorite fried in the United States and Korea, and is now starting to be liked by the people of Indonesia.

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The Story of Fried Food That Turns Out To Come From Egypt

Dream – Bananas, risol, bakwan, cireng, are fried foods that are a favorite of many people. Fried foods can also be used as a side dish for rice. Have you ever thought about the origin of fried foods?

in the book A History of Food (2008) this food has been around since 1200 BC in Egypt. From this Egypt then food with the concept of fried food spread throughout the world.

The Story of Fried Food That Turns Out to Be From Egypt© MEN

No wonder the whole world has various types of fried foods that vary between countries. Like in Japan with tempura, Korea with twigim, and in England which is famous for fish and chips, America is famous for its fried chicken flour.

Then, what about fried food in Indonesia? In the archipelago itself, these fried foods were brought by China. China has indeed brought a considerable influence in the Indonesian culinary world. Chinese immigrants introduced various foods such as noodles, meatballs, fried rice and fried foods were no exception.

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China introduced two frying techniques. Namely with a little oil technique (jian) and also frying in a lot of oil (zha). This zha technique is the basis for fried foods in Indonesia.

Careful!  Fried foods make men senile fast© MEN

Previously, cooking techniques in Indonesia only processed food by drying, salting, smoking, boiling, and steaming. This can be seen from the inscriptions from ancient Java and ancient Bali.

In addition, there is not much palm oil production in Indonesia. After the effect of frying in a lot of oil, over time it was followed by the production of palm oil which began to increase.

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In the early 20th century, coconut oil became the main product of coconut cultivation. Because it began to be in great demand and became a domestic need, coconut oil later became a trading commodity.

Coconut oil is easy to obtain, food ingredients are abundant in plantations. There are bananas, cassava, fried sweet potatoes, and so on. Everything is wrapped in flour which is then fried in a lot of oil.

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