Officially Free, German Caucasians Await Deportation Process –

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After being declared out of the guidance of the Denpasar Class 1 Correctional Center (Bapas) for being involved in a narcotics case, a foreigner from Germany named Tim Dielenschneider was immediately picked up and placed at the Class 1 Immigration Office of TPI Denpasar for detention while awaiting deportation.
According to the Head of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights in Bali, Jamaruli Manihuruk, the pick-up of Caucasians from Dortmund, May 10, 1992, was carried out by the Intelligence and Immigration Enforcement Section (Inteldakim) of the Class 1 Immigration Office of TPI Denpasar, on Tuesday, August 31, 2021.

“Dielenschneider was picked up directly from the Denpasar Class I Penitentiary, which is the place for the foreign national to guide,” said Jamaruli, on Wednesday, September 1, 2021.

He explained that the man from Germany was previously proven to have violated Article 111 Paragraph (1) and Article 112 Paragraph (1) of Law No. 35 of 2009 concerning Narcotics. He kept marijuana and was sentenced to 4 years in prison and a fine of 1 billion subsidiary 3 months.

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