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The story of a drivers Ojol buying laptops is becoming a hot topic of conversation on social media. Because, drivers The ojol bought a used laptop for his son.

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Is Ary Ruswandi, drivers ojol bought a laptop that shared his story through the TikTok account @babehojol, Wednesday, August 25, 2021.

Even though he is no longer young, the 56-year-old man always seems enthusiastic. Including, when buying a used laptop for his son, Nindy, three weeks ago.

Babeh Ary buys a laptop for kids (TikTok: Babehojol)

The emotional struggle carried out by the man from Cibinong, West Java has been uploaded in a viral TikTok video and has been watched up to 5.1 million times.

“Duh, the child is ready to work, it looks like he needs a laptop. Incidentally, my friend sells a used laptop. Babeh DP first, the rest next week. Riding hundreds of kilos, it rains until it’s really late at night. If not for the wife and children, for whom? It’s not in vain too, babeh, a cash tip from a customer,” wrote Ary in the TikTok video he uploaded.

The story of drivers ojol buying a used laptop for his beloved baby helped reveal interesting facts about him.

Story Driver Ojol Buys Used Laptops for Kids

What’s the story like? drivers ojol buy a used laptop for the baby’s facilities to take part in a job training program? Come on, see here!

1. Driver Ojol Buys Laptop for Children Joins Pre-Employment Card Program

Driver for ojolbeli laptop Ojol Driver Buys Laptop for Child Joins Pre-Employment Card Program (TikTok: Babehojol)

In the upload, drivers The ojol, who is familiarly called Babeh Ary, revealed that during the implementation of the Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) the baby was sent home. Then, the child tried to register for the Pre-Employment Card program.

Seeing Nindy wanting to take a training class, Babeh Ary felt his son needed a laptop.

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2. Buy from Consumer Tips Results

Ojol drivers Buy from Consumer Tips Results (TikTok: Babehojol)

In the viral TikTok video, Babeh Ary admitted that the money to buy his son’s laptop came from savings when he got a tip from a customer when he was driving. on line.

After collecting it for two weeks plus taking the savings, Ary was finally able to buy the laptop.

“Thank God I got a lot of tips from customer. Yesterday, collecting for two weeks got an additional IDR 1 million more. In addition, it also added a little savings money,” he said, as reported by TribunNews.

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3. Buying a Used Laptop for IDR 1.7 Million from a Friend

Ojol drivers Buying a Used Laptop for IDR 1.7 Million from a Friend (TikTok: Babehojol)

Babeh Ary admitted that he bought the used laptop for IDR 1.7 million from his friend. Initially, his friend sold the laptop at a price of Rp. 2 million.

“Buy it with a friend for Rp. 2 million. I tried to bargain for Rp. 1.7 million with an excuse for the child. Once I agreed, I gave a down payment of Rp. 100 thousand,” he explained.

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4. Satisfied Seeing Children Happy

Ojol drivers Satisfied Seeing Children Happy (TikTok: Babehojol)

Bought a laptop from his father, Nindy was happy and thanked him. Seeing the reaction of the child, Babeh Ary also admitted that he was very satisfied.

“(Child) is happy, and says thank you. (My feeling) is very satisfied, happy to see Nindy likes her laptop, and taking taxis has results,” he admitted.

5. Viral because Often Shares Hilarious Content

Ojol drivers Viral for Frequently Sharing Hilarious Content (TikTok: Babehojol)

Driver ojol Babeh Ary is already familiar to fans netizens. The reason is, Ary has gone viral several times through his funny and entertaining TikTok content.

Babeh Ary often shares his activities as an ojol driver every day. As recently became the spotlight after his act of buying a laptop for children went viral again.

6. Happy to spit Intimacy with Beloved Wife

Ojol drivers Happy to spit Intimacy with Beloved Wife (TikTok: Babehojol)

Uploading his daily activities through his TikTok and Twitter accounts, Babeh Ary often shares romantic moments on dates with his wife.

Not to be outdone by teenagers, this young married couple is still intimate when dating.

Starting from the difficulty of choosing a meal menu and deciding to use the lottery, to taking bribes from each other.

Both videos have gone viral on social media. Many have left comments of support and also expressed their envy with Babeh Ary who is always romantic with his wife.

That’s a touching story drivers ojol buys a laptop that is going viral and is in the spotlight netizens.

From this story, a valuable lesson can be learned, Parents, that every parent will certainly do the best for their children. They are willing to do anything to make their children happy. Hopefully Babeh Ary’s actions can inspire, Parents!

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