Pay 250 thousand a year, Adira insurance guarantees the loss of accident victims

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Jeep Grand Cherokee

The risk of driving on the highway cannot be separated from accidents that often occur. Even accidents often cause material losses because they involve third parties or other people who are victims of accidents that can actually be covered by Adira insurance.

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The amount of losses due to accidents that occur, often makes vehicle owners only choose vehicle damage insurance, while the risk of loss to third parties is outside the insurance claim they have.

“The loss due to accidents is very high. Therefore, it is very important to have protection as a preventive measure for road users. In particular, additional TPL guarantees are able to provide protection to road users if they face the risk of liability claims from third parties or other road users.” explained Wayan Pariaman, Director of Adira Insurance in a virtual discussion with Forwot.

Jeep Grand Cherokee crash Photo: Ist

Through the expansion of coverage based on the standard Indonesian motor vehicle insurance policy, this third party liability guarantee can provide compensation protection for claims from third parties against the insured as the cause of the accident.

Not only the loss of life suffered by the victim, the TPL guarantee can also provide damage coverage for losses caused by the TPL policy holder. So that all losses suffered by third parties can be claimed through Adira Finance.

“The TPL guarantee provides compensation that is not limited to damage to the vehicle but also includes property, medical expenses, bodily injury to death, in accordance with the TPL guarantee limit that has been agreed in advance between the Insured and the Insurance Party. At Adira Insurance, the TPL guarantee can be extended to car insurance and motorcycle insurance,” said Wayan.

Honda CBR250RR crash
Accident Honda CBR250RR broken Shockbreaker Photo: Instagram

Just pay IDR 250 thousand a year for accident insurance

The premium that must be paid has also been determined by the OJK using progressive tax. This depends on the limit of the guarantee you want to have which is listed in the Policy overview. As for the rate for car insurance, if you want to get a guarantee limit of Rp. 25 million, it means that the premium price is Rp. 25 million x 1% or only around Rp. 250 thousand per year.

“With the addition of a premium that is not too expensive, this TPL can really help the insured or those who have insurance, as well as accident victims. The victim will receive compensation costs due to the accident. Having a TPL guarantee can be said as a form of social responsibility, because if the Insured causes an accident, this guarantee can help to relieve the affected victims. We as road users must pay attention to each other’s safety on the road by driving safely and safely, and be responsible if there is a risk on the road, “said Wayan.

To submit a claim for TPL benefits, the victim must provide a letter of claim addressed to the Insured. After that, the Insured will report to the insurer regarding the Claim Letter.

Bike accident
Los Angeles Times bicycle accident

Wayan also provides tips so that insurance claims can be accepted by the insurance, including:

1. Customers must avoid things that are excluded in the policy such as being late in reporting claims from the reporting deadline, the driver does not have a driving license, the claims reported are not covered in the policy, the claims reported are included in the exclusion clause in the policy.

2. Complete claim documents, such as completed claim forms, photocopies of insurance policies, driver’s licenses, STNKs, certificates from the police.

3. The Insured’s vehicle is not used for unlawful acts.

4. If you have an accident, don’t forget to provide evidence by first documenting the condition of your vehicle after the accident and understanding the cause of the accident that is covered before submitting a claim directly.

5. Pay attention to whether the coverage area is in accordance with the contents of the policy.

6. Do not make any intentional damage by the Insured.

7. Understand your policy, read and study clearly the policies provided by the insurance, especially claims that are guaranteed in the policy or included in the exclusion clause in the policy.

“Adira Insurance always focuses on customer needs, including providing a sense of security for customers and other road users. By having a TPL guarantee, we have participated for the benefit of many people, especially if there are accident victims who cannot get medical expenses,” concluded Wayan.

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