Playing in Cinta Fitri The Series, Omar Daniel is ready to be compared to Adly Fairuz

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1NEWS – Omar Daniel was appointed as one of the players Cinta Fitri The Series. In the series, which is based on the success of the soap opera Cinta Fitri, the 26-year-old man plays the character of Aldo, who was previously successfully played by Adly Fairuz. Realizing that the figure of Aldo and the story of the soap opera Cinta Fitri is phenomenal, Omar Daniel is ready to accept all the consequences.

One thing that is likely to happen is to be compared with the figure of Adly Fairuz as someone who both plays the figure of Aldo. Omar Daniel also admitted that he was ready for the comments of soap opera lovers Love Fitri later.

“We have to accept that netizens compare and others. We were nervous but tried our best,” said Omar Daniel when talking with Sanjay Mulani on the Hello Story program which aired on the MD Entertainment YouTube Channel.

Even so, Omar Daniel ensures that every player in Cinta Fitri The Series is asked to form their own character from each role played.

“Here we create our version and we create our version without reducing our respect for the previous characters that have been created by seniors,” he explained.

And, one way to get deeper into the role of Aldo is to watch some of the scenes played by Adly Fairuz in the soap opera version of Cinta Fitri. From there, Omar Daniel trying to take the common thread from Aldo’s character and play it with a more millennial version for his web series needs.

“When yesterday the casting watched an episode because it wasn’t allowed to watch the full movie so we could create (characters) ourselves, we just need a line that shows where Aldo’s character is going, and we’ll continue to create our own version,” he concluded.


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