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Father and mother are the most valuable figures in a person’s life. Although most father figures are known as strict individuals, they have a love for their children no less than a mother.

A father will sacrifice anything to make his family happy. Although he doesn’t speak very often, the father figure has a gentle heart for the child. Like this father figure.

A video showing a man selling around while holding his daughter has gone viral on social media. In the upload to the Instagram account @tasiksociety, the man appears to be at a meatball stall for lunch with his son.

In the video, the father can be seen carrying a large backpack containing his merchandise. When he finished eating, the man was seen carrying his child again.

Based on the video description, it is known that the man was forced to bring his son to sell because there was no one to look after him at home. Meanwhile his wife left him and his daughter.

“When asked why this father brought his son to sell, because his wife did not know where to go. so there is no one to take care of the child,” the video caption reads.

When he wanted to be helped, the man refused with a smile. He suggested the assistance would be better given to those in greater need.

“When we want to help a little, He said With a smile, It’s better to give to those in need. And when I was about to pay, but it’s been freed by the owner of the shop, he was so polite that he lifted the plates,” the video caption reads.

The video that touched the feelings of netizens went viral and reaped various sympathetic comments from netizens.

Cheers sir. May you live long and your sustenance will be facilitated. Amen,” wrote the account @budchablunx.

I like to be ashamed of myself when I see something like this, I always complain about the situation even though there are still many who are still below us, the healthy father and son, God willing, God will provide an easy way with your efforts, amen yarabb,” said the account @mamisyasa.

“Always healthy, sir,” said the prayer account @netisaktiana9.

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