Position Sale of 20 Million to Land Tribute, Probolinggo Regent and Husband Arrested by KPK – Boombastis

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KKN is indeed a thorn in the flesh in Indonesia. This country is actually rich in natural resources and human resources, but because of the behavior of unscrupulous officials, it makes him suffer. Many large cases occurred and many cost the country an extraordinary amount.

As recently happened in Probolinggo. The regent and her husband were arrested for buying and selling positions at extraordinary prices. As a result, the community was made angry and made a complaint to the KPK. Then what happened? Check out the full review below.

Dozens of people are involved in this case

The KPK OTT, which was conducted some time ago, apparently caught a lot of people. Not only the Regent of Probolinggo Puput Tantriana Sari (PTS) and her husband, Deputy Chair of Commission IV of the DPR RI, the NasDem Party faction Hasan Aminuddin (HA), but also dozens of other people.

Puput Tantriana Sar [sumber gambar]

A total of 22 people are currently suspects in this case and 10 people have been arrested, including Puput and Hasan. They are caught in the case of buying and selling positions, aka bribery, which is very detrimental to the state and people. Reports from residents on this action made the KPK move quickly so that KKN would not undermine other officials.

Millions of rupiah for a position

Puput and her husband apparently used their vacant positions to commit corruption. Instead of being filled by competent people, there are even those who pay who can become state officials. According to Tempo’s website, their motive was to withdraw money from candidate officials who wanted to fill the vacant village head position.

Buying and selling positions [sumber gambar]

The husband and wife asked the ASN to register and collect the candidates, later they would be asked for Rp. 20 million and a tribute for renting land from the village treasury at a rate of Rp. 5 million per hectare. The existence of this practice made many people suspicious and eventually reported it.

Frequent transfers of many officials make suspicions

Before being caught by the Corruption Eradication Commission, the Probolinggo regent had often made mutations in his officials. There were approximately 18 of his subordinates who were mutated in various positions. However, it is still not clear whether it is related to the bribery case or not. The reason is that mutation is a common thing in government to improve the quality of ASN.

Evidence [sumber gambar]

Despite all that, many residents said they were satisfied with this arrest. Yes, because the government dynasty in Probolinggo finally collapsed and the practice of buying positions will no longer be found. The community hopes that in the future high positions will be filled by people who are competent in their fields.

Supporting political parties feel ashamed about this

Because its members are involved in corruption cases, the supporting political parties feel sad and ashamed. Puput Tantriana and her husband are both supported by Nasdem to become leaders in their area. But who would have thought, the mandate given by the party was betrayed. Many party leaders admitted that they were saddened by this arrest because it could contribute to tarnishing the party’s name.

Nasdem Party [sumber gambar]

But one thing that is certain is the position of the two corruption suspects in the party that is in danger of leaving. This is because Nasdem as a political party will also follow the existing SOP, in which any member who is corrupt must withdraw from membership. Political parties are basically for the benefit of the people, so they must be free from all things that are detrimental to the state.

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The existence of the sale and purchase of this position is very troubling. Positions that should be filled by those who deserve it are instead occupied by people who have a lot of money. If it continues to be left unchecked, instead of developing countries, they can actually suffer a lot of losses.

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