Regarding Foreign Player Vaccines, PT Liga Indonesia Just Registered Manually | 1NEWS

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The competition operator PT Liga Indonesia Baru (LIB) is collaborating with the ministry of health (Kemenkes) regarding the registration of foreign players who have vaccinated.

Based on the Instruction of the Minister of Home Affairs (Inmendagri) Number 38 of 2021, all players, officials, media crews, and support staff attending the competition must have received a second dose of vaccination, negative results for H-1 PCR, and negative results for antigen on match day.

PT LIB also uses the PeduliLindung application in accordance with the recommendations given by the government. However, foreign players cannot use this application, because there are obstacles in registration.

The PeduliLindung application requires users to enter a population identification number (NIK). This NIK is only valid for Indonesian citizens (WNI). While foreign nationals of course only have a passport.

“The player uses a passport, while PeduliLindung uses a NIK. If so, we will cooperate with the Ministry of Health to carry out manual checks with evidence in the form of passports and related documents,” explained PT LIB operational director Sudjarno as quoted by Antara.

Sudjarno admitted that there were still several people, including foreign players and legions, who had not yet received two vaccine shots. The number is about one to two percent of the total around 500 people who are active in League 1.

Related to this, PT LIB is trying to provide vaccines in collaboration with several parties such as the Ministry of Health and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) to accelerate immunization.

Meanwhile, for foreign players who have been vaccinated but their products have not been used in Indonesia, PT LIB has yet to find a solution. As is known, Persib Bandung striker Geoffrey Castillion uses the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, currently only circulating in Europe and the United States.

Based on the explanation from the manufacturer, this vaccine is only done once, because it has a pretty good quality. Sudjarno stated that he still needed to discuss the matter with the Ministry of Health.

“We continue to communicate with the Ministry of Health, because there are indeed many types of vaccines,” said Sudjarno.

For this weekend, PT LIB will hold six matches. It is a continuation of the three games that have been done last weekend.


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