Remember, Hasan Aminuddin is no longer a NasDem Cadre!

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1NEWS – Hasan Aminuddin, a Senayan politician who was caught by the KPK OTT related to bribery in Probolinggo is no longer a NasDem cadre.

This was revealed by the Deputy Chairperson of NasDem, Ahmad Ali, in response to Hasan’s naming as a suspect for a presumptuous act.

According to Ahmad Ali, when a cadre of a political party is designated as a suspect, it is automatically the party concerned.

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“Automatically resigning from the party means you are no longer a party cadre, right,” said Ali, Tuesday (31/8).

He added that NasDem would carry out an interim replacement (PAW) process for Hasan regarding his position as a member of the DPR.

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“If you are no longer a NasDem party cadre, it must be PAW,” said Ali.

As is known, the KPK has named Hasan Aminuddin as a suspect in the bribery case for selecting village heads in Probolinggo.

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Another suspect in the case is the Regent of Probolinggo, Puput Tantriana Sari, who is Hasan Aminuddin’s wife.


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