Russian Caucasians who ran amok in Mengwi were immediately deported –

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Beritabali/ist/Russian Caucasians Who Rage in Mengwi Immediately Deported., BADUNG.
A foreign citizen from Russia named Oleg Chadin (40) was finally brought to the Class I Immigration Detention Center (Rudenim) TPI Denpasar, on Tuesday, August 31, 2021.
Previously, the Caucasians had gone on a rampage at a local shop, at Warung Uma Asri in Werdi Bhuwana Village, Mengwi District, on Saturday, August 28, 2021.

As informed by the Head of Early Vigilance of the Badung Regency Satpol PP, Made Astika Jaya, Oleg Chadin had a tantrum at Uma Asri’s stall in Mengwi Badung Village and was secured by his members.

“He was reported to have gone berserk and fell in the gutter, and we took him into custody,” he explained, on Wednesday, September 1, 2021.

Furthermore, the Satpol PP officers tried to communicate with the person concerned but did not get a response. Oleg was suspected of having a mental disorder and was immediately taken to the Mangusada Hospital.

“He didn’t want to talk so he was taken to the hospital,” he explained.

According to him, when found Oleg only brought a travel bag containing clothes, shoes, cellphone, charger, power bank and yoga mat.

“The person concerned was depressed. After being treated at the Mangusada Hospital for 2 days, he was back to normal. There is no identity but we are coordinating with Immigration Class 1 Ngurah Rai that the passport is at immigration, an extension, “he said.

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