Sad portrait, this sister doesn’t want to be taken home and hugs her mother’s grave because she still misses her – 1NEWS

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Circulating a video that is quite touching for netizens on social media networks. The video shows a five-year-old girl hugging her mother’s gravestone.

The video was originally shared by a Tiktok account @dndsyfaa and re-uploaded to Instagram by account @top_world.idn. ” So this is my brother, I’m 5 years old, “wrote the owner of the video.

Apparently the boy’s mother died before last Ramadan. While the whereabouts of the father is unknown since the boy was a child.

So his mother died before the fasting month, and his father left him when he was little,” wrote the account.

At the time of Eid, the boy was invited by the family to visit his grandmother’s grave. Accidentally, the grandmother’s grave adjacent to her mother’s grave.

When he wanted to go home, the boy said he wanted to go to his mother’s grave and kiss her tomb. Then he ran to his mother’s grave and hugged her tombstone.

So, during Eid al-Fitr yesterday, I visited my grandmother’s grave and happened to eat her mother, she was close to eating Grandma too. Then he suddenly ran away without anyone asking,” he explained.

While hugging his mother’s grave, the boy said he wanted to hug and kiss his mother. Suddenly the boy’s action made his family touched.

Go to his mother’s grave and say ‘Via kiss mom hug mom’,” he wrote again.

In the video, the boy can be seen hugging and kissing his mother’s grave. He didn’t even want to go home. He claimed to want to accompany his mother at the tomb.

And until my family and I wanted to go home from the grave he didn’t want to go home, he just said he wanted to accompany my mother while hugging and kissing her tombstone,” he continued.

Seen several times, the boy looked down and hugged and kissed his mother’s tombstone.

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